Diabetic Coma Causes

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Diabetic Coma: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Diabetic Coma is a complication of diabetes which is life threatening. This is mostly a complication of type 2 diabetes but people with other types of diabetes too, can get affected with diabetic coma. This type of coma is a reversible form of coma. Diabetic coma causes unconsciousness which you cannot awaken from until medically treated. If untreated, Diabetic Coma can be fatal. If the blood sugar is very high or is dangerously low then it can lead to diabetic coma. Improved diagnosis and early treatment of the causative factors of Diabetic Coma can reduce the risk of death. Types 1. Severe low blood Sugar (hypoglycemia) in a diabetic person. 2. Advanced Diabetic Ketoacidosis – This can lead to unconsciousness due to a combination of factors such as high blood glucose levels, shock, dehydration and exhaustion. 3. Nonketotic Hyperosmolar Coma – This type of coma occurs when the blood sugar levels is extremely high along with dehydration. Risk Factors Anyone suffering with diabetes has a risk of diabetic coma. Persons suffering from type 1 diabetes are at a risk due to lowered levels of blood sugar and diabetic ketoacidosis; while people with type 2 diabetes are at risk due to d Continue reading >>

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  1. doodleplum

    What is a dangerous sugar level?

    Here's my story. On friday, I went to my doctor due to feeling very ill..pain in hips and legs...excessive fatigue and a general unwell feeling with being flushed..hot/cold..all the time. They did blood work. I got a call on monday morning from an eye doctor telling me they wanted to set up an appointment for me to get my eyes checked due to my "diabetes". This was news to me because no one from my doctor's office said I had diabetes.
    I contacted a different doctor on wednesday to get a second opinion. I found out my blood sugar level at that time was 453. He did a urine test and it was loaded with sugar.
    They did a nerve conduction test on both legs and found I may already have some nerve damage going on in my left leg but the blood pressure cuff test on both legs showed good pulses.
    I went back to the first doctor and complained about NOT being told I had an issue with diabetes. I was then informed that on friday my sugar levels were at 466! Someone with diabetes told me that at 500 you can go into a diabetic coma!!! I am trying to find out if this is true because the first doctor I saw never called me after the blood work came back and I had to find out about Diabetes through an EYE doctor!
    The nurse for the doctor said he was going to send me a letter! What the heck????
    Since when does a doctor send a letter about a patient having a grave illness and is close to a diabetic coma???
    Anyone with information that can help would be appreciated. My email address is [email protected]
    I am now concerned because the medications I have been put on is causing me to be quite ill and is making my gall bladder irritated. I called the doctors office for advice but they have not called back yet. My sugar level today was 253. The meds are helping reduce the levels but causing other problems for me.

  2. Spike

    Originally Posted by doodleplum
    I am now concerned because the medications I have been put on is causing me to be quite ill and is making my gall bladder irritated. I called the doctors office for advice but they have not called back yet. My sugar level today was 253. The meds are helping reduce the levels but causing other problems for me. welcome aboard!
    what meds?
    what do u mean by "quite ill"?
    sorry, i dont email responses in forums...

  3. CatLynnette

    You had dangerous blood sugar levels. I have heard and read that anybody with a blood sugar level of 400 mg/dL or higher needs to go to a hospital emergency room right away. The numbers will be brought down by insulin, usually initially by IV. With numbers that high a person is at risk for major complications, including problems with their kidneys.
    Were you told that you are Type 2? A lot of Type 2 Diabetics can learn to manage their Diabetes with diet, exercise and sometimes with oral medications too.
    Which medications were you put on? Some medications can temporarily cause stomach upset.
    There are many good doctors to choose from. If anyone is unhappy with their doctor, then switch to another one.
    Welcome to Diabetes Daily.

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