Diabetic Alert Dog Fundraiser

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Help Cara Toland Get A Diabetic Alert Dog

Hello, My name is Cara Toland and I am a Type 1 Diabetic. I am raising money in order to obtain a diabetic alert dog, which are dogs trained to sense dangerous changes in blood glucose levels and alert their owners to them before serious problems, such as seizures or comas occur. While these dogs are life saving, they are often very expensive and are usually priced at about $20,000 each for a fully trained dog, and close to $10,000 for a dog that is partially trained when placed. Being a student working part time, paying the full price for one of these dogs on my own is out of the question. With the money that I raise I plan on acquiring a partially trained dog from a trustworthy trainer who meets service dog standards in behavior and has already begun scent training and alerting to continue training on my own, paying for the necessary classes to complete training on my own, paying for the necessary dog licence tags, and any travel costs involved in obtaining and/or training the dog. Any contribution that you are able to provide would be greatly appreciated! Continue reading >>

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  1. Sherry Wendi's Mom

    My dd Wendi has applied to get a Diabetic Alert Dog from Liz Norris at Pawsibilies Unleashed, but now starts the fundraising portion. Does anyone have any Fundraising ideas? We are planning a fundraiser at a local restaurant as well as a church function. I want to look into donation boxes left at fast food places, though I am not sure how to go about it. Any other ideas? We are going to need to fundraiser about $10,000.

  2. hawkeyegirl

    Given that Wendi is 15 years old, she probably has some options to put some "sweat equity" into this. Babysitting, dogwalking, house cleaning, snow shoveling, housesitting, car washing/detailing all come to mind.
    Good luck!

  3. AlisonKS

    yard sale, ask for people to make donations of their unwanted items to help. I made it an event on facebook and it helped spread the word. Just make sure the stuff is sellable, we did this for our ADA walk team and some loser donated a bunch of crap that I need to take to the dump But we raised most of our walk money that way.

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