Diabetic Alert Dog Fundraiser

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Fundraiser To Help Boy, 10, Buy Diabetic Alert Dog

By ALEXI COHAN Special to The Republican Armani Rosado wakes up every morning and immediately checks his blood sugar level, injecting himself up to five times a day. He goes to sleep fearing that his levels will drop too low at night and he won’t notice. Armani is 10 years old and he has type 1 diabetes. His mother, Luz Cotto, started noticing strange symptoms with Armani last year when he was constantly parched and using the bathroom excessively. An intense abdominal pain sent him to the hospital in an ambulance one day from school, which led to his diagnosis. A regular blood sugar level is around 150. Armani’s levels have reached as low as 38 and as high as 600. In the past year, Armani and Cotto have done their best to keep blood sugar levels in check and look for symptoms when it is dropping, though they say it isn’t something you can ever get used to. “Sometimes I just want to play,” Armani said. He must exercise every day and avoid foods with high levels of carbohydrates and sugar and cannot go anywhere without his diabetes test meter or extra food and drinks to consume in case his levels are off. “There’s a scary situation where the ‘what if’’ comes into Continue reading >>

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  1. nobodybutjustme

    fundraising ideas

    Let's collect a list of ideas for fundraising for a DAD . . .
    LETTER: our family wrote a letter explaining Type 1 diabetes, complications Abi had encountered and how a dog would help. We went the letter to friends and family and posted it in key places in our community. Most of our money came from friends and family who donated in order to help abi
    PANCAKE BREAKFAST - Applebys will help fundraise by hosting a pancake breakfast for your organization. There is very little cost - minimal investment, but great profit
    WEBSITE - we also built a website to promote awareness of type 1 and diabetic alert dogs. We included a link to the organization for which we were raising money
    LEMONAIDE STAND - believe it or not, quite a few people have made HUNDREDS of dollars from a LEMONADE STAND!!
    ??other ideas??
    Rachel, mom of Abi and biggest fan of Mr Darcy!!
    DAD trainer
    Owner, www.diabeticalertdog.com
    Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner
    Canine Good Citizen Evaluator
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  2. Bridget

    Re: fundraising ideas

    Brady is a freshman & my oldest son is a high school senior so we had a lot of teenagers involved. They had a "Date Auction". They coordinated everything. They created a FB page. Teenagers have a way of spreading news very quickly so friends of friends of friends were signing up to auction themselves off. One of the girls on the dance team coordinated a dance that they all had to learn. They had a "talent" portion. It was hilarious watching a stage full of football players & wrestlers perform I have a video I should post. Anyhow, they raised about $1,500. I'm not sure how these teenage girls had access to so much "disposal" $$ but they auctioned Brady last ...(behind the 6'5" - 285 lb lineman who went for $110) ...and one of the senior girls paid $130 for a date with Brady....the freshman! Anyone wanting to bid had to BUY a paddle in order to bid, too. They had a concession stand & set up donation jars at the counter. If you're interested - there were other details/rules about the dates since kids were involved so just send me an email & I'll give a more complete explanation. It was fantastic!!
    I used to own a bakery so we also:
    Sold cinnamon rolls at Easter & "Cookies for DAD" on Fathers Day
    We also bought a 32" Vizio TV & sold raffle tickets.
    My sisters & I had a yard sale. Our smaller children ran a lemonade stand during the yard sale while the teenagers had a "Topless" carwash.......no, it wasn't what you think. They washed everything but the top of the cars!!! But it sure did attract attention.
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  3. Valliegirl

    Re: fundraising ideas

    My mom works for a locally owned pharmacy at one of their 3 locations. The pharmacy allowed their employees to wear jeans on friday if they donated $3 each week. We also put donations buckets with a short letter at each Pharmacy for the customers to see. I think using a pharmacy really helped me not only because of the employees but because there were sooooo many diabetics and family members of diabetics that donated because they understood my reasons for wanting a dog.

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