Diabetes Summary Report

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Diabetes: Summary Of The Preliminary Report On The Epidemiological Survey

Abstract: This is a summary regarding the epidemiological survey which was conducted in Malta in 1981 by the Department of Health in collaboration with Governments of Yugoslavia and Belgium and the World Health Organization (WHO), which confirms that diabetes mellitus is a major health problem in Malta. A description of the study subjects and methods used in the survey is outlined, together with the relative derived outcomes. Results show that although the etiology of diabetes in Malta remains unclear, the survey suggest a rather strong environmental influence, in addition to possible genetic susceptibility. Files in this item This item appears in the following Collection(s) Continue reading >>

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  1. HappyNurse2005

    I have NEVER heard that....
    I do work with a lot of Hispanic patients, too.

  2. styRN

    Recently, for the second time in my career, Ive heard how a patient "caught" diabetes:
    "well, I was in the kitchen carrying a 5lb bag of sugar and dropped it. It went all over, and I was in my bare feet while I cleaned it up...the sugar got into my skin and now I have..." you guessed it.
    Bizarre what people believe, and no amount of health teaching or explaining could convince them that it wasn't the truth.

  3. purplemania

    I used to work for ophthalmologists and at a satellite clinic the techs used a machine that blew a puff of air into the eye to get a intraocular pressure reading. We had a lady come to the clinic for the first time, get the ancillary tests, then was told by the MD she had glaucoma. She had a fit! "Well, I didn't have blow-coma till that girl out front give it to me!". I guess she forgot she had come in due to low visual acuity. She would not let us treat her because we gave her blow-coma.

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