Diabetes Risk Factors

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15 Common Risk Factors Of Type 2 Diabetes

You're in the doctor's office for a routine physical exam when you receive the diagnosis: type 2 diabetes. Sure, you have heard of diabetes before and may even have a general idea of what led to this diagnosis. In fact, your doctor may have even warned you that in most cases, developing the disease is a direct result of poor nutrition and lack of exercise. But you didn't really listen, because you've been living this way for years and things seemed fine. How did you miss the warning signs? And what exactly went wrong? To find out, let's take a look at the most common risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes and better determine which ones may apply to you. This article was originally published by our partners at RodaleWellness.com. Both your genes and your childhood environment (learned eating habits, outdoor activities, sleeping patterns, reward mechanisms, etc.) can increase or decrease your risk of developing diabetes. The more fat you have (especially around your middle), the more resistant your body becomes to insulin and the hunger-regulating hormone leptin. Prolonged periods of sitting increase your chances of developing diabetes. Why? Working your muscles squelches the Continue reading >>

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  1. bensmother

    How many lantus solostar pens\would you needfor a months supply taking 110 units a day?

    How many lantus solostar pens\would you needfor a months supply taking 110 units a day?

  2. AN

    Do solostar pens come prefilled with the lantus in it? if it does how much does each one come prefilled with? does it come filled with 110 units or less per pen? or do you use a bottle that you have to pull the lantus out of?

  3. Quah

    I see no one has answered this for you in 9 months. I am starting on Lantus Pen today. I called the drugstore to ask the same question... I'm starting on wht apparently is a low dose... 15 units... and see where we go from there. No one, not even my doctor's nurse, can answer this question. I guess I'll just learn as I go along.
    Good luck... I'm guessing you already have an answer to your question by now?

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