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Review Article Folk To Functional: An Explorative Overview Of Rice-based Fermented Foods And Beverages In India

1. Introduction On the Indian subcontinent, fermented foods and beverages are an integral part of cultural heritage, even today. These have been developed throughout the history of human civilization for sustained nutrition and food preservation [1,2]. Fermentation leads to changes in appearance of food characterized by quite different properties and uses. Ancient people adopted different preservation methods to store excess foods of plant and animal origin, particularly those which are seasonal and have a short lifespan (perishable). On this basis, it is presumed that fermented foods probably originated during 7,000–8,000 BC in the areas of Indus Valley [3]. It is evident from the annals of the Harappan civilization (Vedic period) that people used different clay pots for preparing fermented foods and drinks [4]. Fermented milk products, alcoholic beverages from fruits and cereal grains, and leavened breads were very popular among the early civilization in the Middle East and in the Indus Valley and later among the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The health-beneficial effects of fermented food were first advocated as far back as 76 AD by the Roman historian Pliny, who mentioned th Continue reading >>

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  1. cartner

    I heard that MultiVitamins Supplements are dangrous for people with Diabetes is that right?

  2. Mommyof4

    No, a diabetic can take a multivitamin. Actually, they have been linked to helping prevent minor infections that diabetics are so prone to.

  3. Janni

    My Dr recommends a good basic multivitamin for all pts, diabetics included. The thing to watch out for is that some brands (e.g., One-a-Day) these days are adding things that are supposed to help cholesterol, prostate, whatever, and there is no evidence that they actually do any good. My choice is a plain Centrum, or the Walmart generic equivalent. If you read the ingredients in Centrum, and Centrum "Silver" which is supposed to be for the older, there is virtually no difference in the ingredients, and Silver is more expensive. I feel like the vitamin improves my sense of well-being.

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