Diabetes Protocol Program Review

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Improving Iv Insulin Administration In A Community Hospital

Summary When compared to the previous paper protocol, implementation of a computerized glucose management system results in a substantial increase in blood glucose concentration measurements within the target range. Using a computerized glucose management system to monitor blood glucose levels, decreases in severe hypoglycemia (<40 mg/dL), clinical hypoglycemia (<70 mg/dL), and hyperglycemia (>180 mg/dL) also can be observed. Cite this Article Copy Citation Magee, M. C. Improving IV Insulin Administration in a Community Hospital. J. Vis. Exp. (64), e3705, doi:10.3791/3705 (2012). Abstract Diabetes mellitus is a major independent risk factor for increased morbidity and mortality in the hospitalized patient, and elevated blood glucose concentrations, even in non-diabetic patients, predicts poor outcomes.1-4 The 2008 consensus statement by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA) states that "hyperglycemia in hospitalized patients, irrespective of its cause, is unequivocally associated with adverse outcomes."5 It is important to recognize that hyperglycemia occurs in patients with known or undiagnosed diabetes as well as Continue reading >>

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  1. Riri

    Does anyone count any carbs for these veg when carb counting for their insulin dose? Last night I had a big plateful of both with a few slices of beef and 4 boiled potatoes. I only counted the carbs in the potatoes, as usual, but my sugars were sky high 2 hrs later. I had pot roasted the veg around the beef with a tin of tomatoes and a couple of onions and celery. The stew did taste quite sweet I have to admit.

  2. smidge

    Hi Riri!
    I would have counted the carbs for onion (6g per 100g), tomatoes (13g per 400g can), carrot (6.5g per 100g), swede (5g per 100g) and potato (17g per 100g) and jabbed my Apidra accordingly. I bet that's a whole lot more carb than you realised!

  3. Riri

    That's probably an underestimate of about 25-30g !! OMG - thanks Smidge.
    Problem I have now is that when I have had these veg just plain boiled I've never previously counted and I haven't noticed a problem with my 2 hr post meal sugars. I've got plenty of other issues at the moment though :roll:

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