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Restoring Health From Diabetes Is Completely Possible! (en/es) (05-10-2014)

Restoring Health from Diabetes is completely possible! (EN/ES) (05-10-2014) Weve been told, Diabetes is an incurable disease whereby a person has to rely on medications to control it for the rest of his or her life. This is just another lie being told by the Big Pharma so that they can get people on a drug permanently. It is like being put on a monthly payment plan by the pharmaceutical industry every time they get another patient on a lifelong regiment of medications. The patient pays monthly for the rest of their life without any cure in sight. Why do people continue to trust those who benefit from sicknesses believing they are looking out for our health? Diabetes has been known for hundreds of years. Below I have included a little history including a chart showing how Diabetes is growing yearly in the U.S. as well as worldwide. Note: Artificial sweeteners are not the answer and may cause Diabetes as well as many more health related problems What is the Genesis II Church doing in regard to Diabetes worldwide? The Great news is, we are recording testimonies of people having their health completely restored from Diabetes! We were staying in a hotel in Villavicencio, Colombia when Continue reading >>

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  1. allen405

    diabetes protocol program, Dr. kenneth Pullman

    so i got this email and watched this video about a program that can reverse diabetes. While I am skeptical of it. I am wondering if anyone else has heard of this and tried it?

  2. WillChill59

    I just heard the entire infomercial and came here right after to see what others think. After reading many of the comments, I'm inclined to believe this Dr. is honest and earnest in his belief this is a cure for diabetes. It certainly does no harm and he offers every penny of your money back if it's not for you. So if I had diabetes the only thing it would be wasting would be my time. I could hear the honesty in his voice. No red flags other than the obvious too good to be true, and must get this right now ones. This put me off quite a bit, but I understand why he needed to present it this way. People are natural skeptics particularly this coming from an off beat , outside the establishment presentation. His talk regarding big pharmacy I absolutely believe. As an RN in Critical Care it is ludicrous that a cure has not been made or presented to the public by now. Diabetes is a scourge of pain and morbiity to so many people to withhold any hopes or even partial good news for this disease is criminal in my book. But the money talks. Doesn't it? Imagine if this got to the masses quickly and even lets say 80% could get off the testing and meds. The multi billion dollar health care diabetic machine would freeze up in it's tracks. Diabetes is so highly integrated within health care it's a huge aspect of what health care workers deal with. A cure would bring institutions down on their knees and thousands of jobs would be lost within a few months. So, I believe it's easily cured yet the big pharmacy and hospital business cares more about money than people. Think of the enormous loss of revenue the health care industry would sustain because it is built on an illness model rather than prevention. As a nurse, it's mind boggling to me. In Critical care it was not unusual to have more than half of the patients with severe glucose control issues. Even non diabetics coming from OR or post Myocardial Infarctions or Trauma patients need to have glucoses checked. Many, I'm afraid go home with co-diagnosis of diabetes. I think this blinding $$ within all of health care is true with other diseases too. Cancer the most obvious. Thanks for everyones perspective on this Dr. and his cure. I can certainly understand his fear of him being quickly squelched because of the implications of a cure. Will

  3. primocat

    Hi all,
    My mother has sent me the link for this Dr Pullman diabetes protocol as she is very un-techno savvy and can't work out how to pay for it. I have told her repeatedly to exercise more and put on some muscle mass, but it falls on deaf ears. TBH, her diet is not bad, although I think she is a bit hyper on the no fat issue, but either way she has a static weight for the last few years and does not seem capable of reducing it.
    I am pretty sure she will just want to go ahead and buy the protocol no matter what anyone says, so perhaps she can be a guinea pig for this.
    She has prediabetes high fasting blood glucose, so I won't be able to determine how this protocol works for actual type 1 or 2.
    I am kinda thinking from what has been said, that this is a diet of sorts, and presumably any diet that gets you to shift 5-10% of your BMI would help the majority of prediabetics from getting the full blown diabetes? But it also sounds like you need to do yoga as well? I can't honestly see my mother doing yoga.
    I heard that inulin is a good way to help with controlling blood sugar levels, has anyone tried this and did it help?

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