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Type 1 Diabetes Memes

In early 2012 college memes were flooding my Facebook newsfeed – photos with captions representing funny moments and day to day college life. This made me wonder, could I create memes like these about type 1 diabetes? After humming and hawing over the idea, I decided to take the plunge and created a page, Type 1 Diabetes Memes. I posted a couple meme ideas that I had, such as one about wondering if the Coke that I got at a restaurant was actually diet, or those times when you have low blood sugar and there is no good food in the house. The page was slow to take off, but before I knew it, the ‘likes’ were adding up. It wasn’t until my friend Meredith Miller, a fellow university student I’d met at a type 1 diabetes event in Ontario, joined me that the page truly grew beyond any expectation I’d ever had for it. At first, our goal for the page was to share a laugh with others who were dealing with type 1 diabetes, whether a person with diabetes, a spouse or parent. What Meredith and I didn’t realize was how significant this page was going to be, that that we were creating an online diabetes community like no other. Type 1 Diabetes Memes became the place where people could Continue reading >>

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  1. acbrom

    Hi all,
    I went for my annual check up with the nurse at my local GP and have been asked why I am still on Lantus Glargine and Novarapid...
    I was then introduced to Humulin I and S (?) as alternatives and was told to think about changing before my next appointment in six months time.
    I have been on the DAFNE regime for approx 10 years now (had diabetes for 21 years since age 3) and have been fairly happy with how things are. I don't really know much about these Humulin insulin's and how they differ from Lantus Glargine and the Novarapid....can anyone shed some light / recommendations? I'm sceptical that it is just a cost cutting exercise for the GPs!

  2. Daibell

    Hi. I can't think of an obvious reason why the nurse would want to change you over. Lantus is a very common once-a-day insulin and NovoRapid is equally common. My nurse also nearly prescribed me Lantus but marginally went for Levemir as she claimed it was flatter in profile (but doesn't last quite as long). If you aren't having any problems I can't see why the nurse would want to change you over unless the cost is lower. If it was me I would want to stay where I was unless the nurse can give a good reason for the change? I'm assuming you are using a modern pen of some kind?

  3. jeves

    Re: Change from Glargine & Novarapid to Humulin I & S

    Re: Change from Glargine & Novarapid to Humulin I & S
    Hi I'm also on both of these, been diabetic for 31 years and also on dafne my bs are really good aswell if you could let me know why they want to change your insulin many thanks
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