Diabetes Foot Cramps

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Diabetic Feet

Diabetic Feet Having diabetes increases the risk of developing a wide range of foot problems. These problems often develop because diabetes can cause both nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) and poor circulation in the feet. It is for this reason that diabetics need to pay special attention to their feet. This is why regular Podiatry and foot check ups are important for diabetics. Proper preventive care for your feet can prevent serious complications. It is advised that Diabetics see a Podiatrist every 6-12 months for their regular foot assessment and check up. - What is special about Diabetic's feet? - Why do diabetics need to see Podiatrist? - Diabetic shoes and socks - Peripheral Neuropathy For those with diabetes, simple foot problems such as those below can place a diabetics foot at risk of complications and should be assessed by a podiatrist. Blisters Corns Callus Cracked Heels Bunions Ingrown Toenails Untreated diabetes can result in other conditions, such as: Peripheral neuropathy – this condition doesn’t emerge overnight. Instead, it usually develops slowly and worsens over time. Some patients have this condition long before they are diagnosed with diabetes. Having di Continue reading >>

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  1. catalinaclair

    Cramping in Feet and Legs during Sleep

    Has anyone ever experienced cramping in their feet or legs even going up the inner thigh while trying to sleep at night? I've been prescribed Flexeril and Neurontin, but nothing helps relieve it. I have bought over-the-counter leg cramp tablets which contain mostly quinine, but it only seems to alleviate some of the cramping. I am Vitamin D deficient, which is unusual, but I take 1.25mg. prescribed Vitamin D weekly. If I wake up with cold clammy sweats during the very early morning, and my heart feels like it is shaking in my chest, if I take my accuchek, it's very low. Then I'll eat a cup of low-carb cereal with skim milk and it's back up to over 300. Then I have to take insulin. When I try to go back to sleep, I start with more cramping in my feet and legs. Anyone else ever experience those symptoms? It's worse then my neuropathy.

  2. MeiMei

    I have taken vit B complex for the leg cramps and it has helped to lessen them but the best thing for it was the requip (generic ropinirole) I have found that to be the best. It is prescribed for restless leg syndrome.

  3. MeiMei

    Also the Calcium helps too.

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