Diabetes Foot Cramps

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Muscle Cramps

Tweet Muscle cramps happen when a skeletal muscle involuntarily contracts and they can range from being uncomfortable to very painful. They are most common from the waist down, and usually occur in the calf, feet and both front and back of the thighs. They can also affect the arms. While they can be problematic at any time of the day, muscle cramps often wake people up in the middle of the night. Muscle cramping is relatively common in people with diabetes mellitus, although research from Hans Kotzberg et al suggests they do not appear to be more prevalent in people with type 1 diabetes. Relationship to diabetes People with diabetes can experience mild to severely painful muscle cramps, which can be due to a number of reasons. High or low blood glucose levels Glucose is required for muscles to properly contract and relax, as is a balanced exchange of electrolytes, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. When imbalances happen, through either high or low blood sugar, cramps can occur. During low glucose levels, this results in muscles becoming starved for glucose. However, when blood sugar levels are high, excess glucose is excreted along with water and other salts which results i Continue reading >>

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  1. highlandcitygirl

    severe cramps with my neuropathy !

    i just wanted to know if anybody else has experienced severe cramps with their neuropathy. in the last four days my calf muscles have been cramping up into knots and its very painful. this is mostly at night when i am in bed!

  2. mommycancook

    If you have diabetes hand, leg, foot cramps I highly suggest you use the diet from Denmark. It is the only one created to stop neuropathy( nerve damage) without surgery Click Here http://diabetesfeetswollen.blogspot.com/2014/...

  3. jayabee52

    I suspect a salesperson here and perhaps even a scammer. Still haven't been able to read the "Denmark diet" .

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