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Volume 102, Issue 1, July 1945

On Tuesday, January 9th, PsychiatryOnline will be in a read-only state for approximately 12 hours during a scheduled maintenance period. Access to content for existing subscribers should not be affected. However, account updates, new registrations and new orders placed on January 9th will not be available until after 2 p.m. EDT. We apologize for the interruption. Thank you for your understanding and patience. PROLONGED POST-TRAUMATIC SYNDROMES FOLLOWING HEAD INJURYJURGENRUESCH, and KARL M.BOWMAN102(2), pp. 145–163| PDF (2836 KB) | PDF Plus (1197 KB) A CONJECTURED CORRELATION BETWEEN DEPRESSIONS OF THE MANIC-DEPRESSIVE AND INVOLUTIONAL MELANCHOLIC TYPES AND ETHNIC ELEMENTS IN THE PRESENT-DAY POPULATION OF BRITAINROBERTGIBSON102(2), pp. 164–167| PDF (540 KB) | PDF Plus (237 KB) WHAT HAPPENS TO PATIENTS WHO ARE HOSPITALIZED FOR THE FIRST TIME WHEN OVER SIXTY-FIVE YEARS OF AGEOSWALDOCAMARGO, and GEORGE H.PRESTON102(2), pp. 168–173| PDF (648 KB) | PDF Plus (343 KB) THE MEMORY FUNCTION: I. A Factorial Study of Fifteen Clinical TestsH. J.EYSENCK, and H.HALSTEAD102(2), pp. 174–180| PDF (978 KB) | PDF Plus (456 KB) CLINICAL NOTE ON THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE VALIDITY SCORE (F) IN THE M Continue reading >>

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  1. hunterxgreen

    I’ve been on metformin for years and was put on it around the time of diagnosis and when my PCOS was at its worst. My hands and face always look puffy and I feel like I’m retaining water. It seems to get worse to the point where my joints are so swollen I have bursitis and have trouble moving without pain. I’m not sure if this is the metformin or something else, but when I’m off metformin I don’t seem to have this problem. In fact I feel the opposite of all the symptoms.
    I love metformin for regulating blood sugar, hormones, and appetite, but the side effects can be a bit much. Just wanted to know if anyone else thinks it’s the metformin and if I should try going off it to see if it goes away or if it’s something else. When I’m not on metformin it doesn’t happen, so to me that seems to be a connection.

  2. zackel_flac

    What is your dosage? Sometimes Metformin requires a lower dosage to 1) be effective and 2) suppress strong side effect. Please check with your doctor before all, but you might fall in that category according to the described effects.

  3. hunterxgreen

    500 3x a day. Interesting, I didn’t know lowering the dosage could make it more effective. This might explain some things.

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