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Drinking And Type 2 Diabetes

Popping a champagne bottle, clinking glasses for a toast, or sharing a beer with friends are time-honored rituals. If you have type 2 diabetes, does this mean those rituals can no longer be part of your life? Questions to Ask Before Imbibing You should ask yourself these three questions before you consider drinking alcohol: Is your diabetes under control? Do you have any other illnesses that could be made worse by drinking alcohol? Do you know how to manage your blood sugar if it dips too low or rises too high? If your diabetes is not under control; if you have other illnesses affecting your liver, heart, or nerves; or if you don’t know what to do if your blood sugar fluctuates too much, alcohol may cause some significant side effects. Finally, if you didn’t drink alcohol before you were diagnosed with diabetes, you probably shouldn’t start now. Regular drinking can also interfere with good diabetes self-care. A large study of nearly 66,000 patients with diabetes published in April 2013 in the journal Acta Diabetologica found that the more patients drank, the less likely they were to adhere to important self-care behaviors like getting enough exercise, not smoking, eating a h Continue reading >>

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  1. tibi

    I want to ask if any of you knows why I am feeling drunk all the time and after I eat it get worse. I am i bed for about two weeks and this drunk state is getting worse. I eat a low carb diet and my blood sugar is under 120 mg / dl. Is it possible that this drunk state to be caused by something else. Please help!

  2. NoCrbs4Me

    Go get medical help STAT!

  3. noblehead

    I'm afraid no one on the forum can say for sure what the problem is tibi, best that you see your Dr and explain your symptoms to them.

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