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Diabetes Mellitus & Its Oral Manifestations

1. Oral Manifestations Of Diabetes Mellitus By: Md Khateeb Khan 2. Introduction

  • Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder characterized by relative or absolute insufficiency of insulin and resultant disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism .
  • The major function of insulin is to counter the concerted action of a number of hyperglycemia-generating hormones and to maintain low blood glucose levels .
3. Epidemiology
  • Almost 20% of adult older than 65 year old have DM.
  • A dental practice serving an adult population of 2,000 can expect to encounter 40-80 persons with diabetes, about half of whom will be unaware of their condition.
4. Etiologic classification of DM
  • There are two types of Diabetes Mellitus:
    • Type 1, insulin-dependent or juvenile-onset diabetes (IDDM)
    • Type 2, non-insulin-dependent or adult-onset diabetes (NIDDM)
    • Other specific types
5. Type 1 (IDDM)
  • Autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells of pancreas.
  • 5-10% of DM cases.

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