Diabetes And Hypertension Pathophysiology

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Pathophysiology - Type Ii Diabetes

- Diabetes Mellitus is a group of disorders that's caused by improper function of insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas. And insulin is responsible for helping regulate blood sugar, or glucose levels, in the blood. Now since it's a group of diseases, there are actually multiple different underlying causes of diabetes mellitus. And one of these causes is known as Type 2 Diabetes. Now, before we dive into the actual cause of Type 2 Diabetes, let's first get a better understanding of how exactly insulin works. And there are two major steps. So, imagine that you just ate a big meal. Maybe like a bowl of pasta or something. And your body is currently absorbing all of those nutrients from your digestive system into your bloodstream. Now one of these nutrients is glucose, and as your body absorbs it, that glucose starts building up in the blood stream. And in this feeding or absorptive state, your body wants to store this glucose in places like the liver and muscle cells so that it can be used for energy later when the body needs it. But unfortunately, glucose on its own can't get into these cells. In a sense, these cells are locked. But fortunately, the pancreas is able to Continue reading >>

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  1. jmjacobson101

    I have both. Here's my story and then a quick question at the end.
    I am a tattoo artist apprentice. I have been tattooing for a year & a half now. In this time period I have been tattooed 19 times in 15 months. ALL of my tattoos have healed within 8-14 days. I was diagnosed in September of this year with type 2 diabetes. Looking back.... I have shown symptoms of diabetes for about 3 years. Drinking TONS of water, going to the bathroom alot, getting up in the middle of the night, exhaustion, tired all the time. I just put the symptoms in a category of "I work ALOT." Two & three jobs at a time. I am currently taking 1500mg Metformin ER and also I have Osteoarthritis and take 4 Tylenol Arthritis a day. Since I have been taking the drugs.... my tattoos don't heal right. I was tattooed twice since DX'ed. The first tattoo was the same day that I was DX'ed. Line work & black shading. It healed within 8 days. Three weeks later I was tattooed in the same spot with all of the color. It has been a month and it is still not completely healed. I also got a scratch on my hand three weeks ago.... it's still not completely healed. This has never happened to me before. Diabetes just doesn't start the day you get diagnosed, Right? I brought this up to my Dr & he said it's cause I don't have my sugar under control. He said he would look into it when I go back for my 3 month check up, but that's not until January. I am friends with a Dialasys Nurse & she said it may be because of the drug making my blood too thin and if it's not taken care of, I could be put on dialasys.
    What do you all think?

  2. jer.lawrence

    What are your sugar levels like now?

  3. jmjacobson101

    They average between 116 & 124. I'd say that I kinda have them under control.
    I'm gonna stop by the Kroger that I get my prescriptions filled & talk to the pharmacist & see what interactions Metformin has with Tylenol. I've looked on the web but found nothing. Could it be possible that I'm taking too much tylenol?

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