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Registered Dietitian Certified Diabetes Educator Job

Registered Dietitian Certified Diabetes Educator Job Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration Job Description (Please follow all instructions carefully) Opening and closing dates 03/30/2018 to 04/19/2018 This announcement is open to U.S. Citizens. This position is located within the Nutrition and Food Services (NFS) Department, Montana VA Health Care System. Primary responsibilities include serving as the subject matter expert in nutrition and diabetes overseeing the medical nutrition therapy including the most complex and/or high risk patients. The Registered Dietitian/Certified Diabetes Educator (RD/CDE) works closely with the interdisciplinary healthcare team to ensure that Veterans' nutritional needs are being met, including management of specialized meal plans in coordination with medication regimes. The RD/CDE provides consultant services to the medical staff; conducts comprehensive nutrition assessment and diagnoses; coordinates education programs; maintains productivity standards; manages resources; plans and develops nutrition-related policies, procedures, and goals; and identifies medical nutrition therapy problems and solutions. Additionally, the increasing comp Continue reading >>

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    Should I mention type 1 diabetes on job application

    This morning I Putin an application for a new job. One of the questions was if I have any disabilities. They did not ask about health issues. On other applications diabetes was under disabilities category. I did not put down that I am t1d. My question is should I have mentioned it?

  2. macksvicky

    Diabetes is only a disability if one is truly disabled from it. Most of us manage our lives just fine. If the actual Diabetes question was not on the application, there is no reason you should have to write it in. It may be necessary in the future, if you get the job to let them know.

  3. Jollymon

    My answer would be that I have no disabilities. I am not disabled.

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