Diabetes And Anger Outbursts

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Acute Hyperglycemia Associated With Psychotic Symptoms In A Patient With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report

Go to: CASE PRESENTATION A 36-year-old woman from an urban background presented with acute onset psychotic illness of 15 days duration precipitated by poor adherence to insulin therapy. The patient had a history of T1DM since the age of 12 years, with a well-adjusted pre-morbid personality and no family history of mental illness. Detailed exploration of the history revealed that she had experienced 3 to 4 similar psychotic episodes, each lasting for 7 to 10 days, over the last seven months, during which she would exhibit symptoms of persecution, delusion of grandiosity, smiling and muttering to herself, emotional liability, abusive behavior, angry outbursts, excessive grooming, increased religiosity, poor self-care, decreased sleep, and decreased appetite. During these episodes, there would be no clouding of consciousness, disorientation, diurnal variation in symptoms, or disturbance of other cognitive functions. All of the psychotic episodes had temporal correlation with poor adherence to insulin therapy and a rise in fasting blood glucose levels from normal range to 300mg/dL. The psychotic episodes had no associated histories of fever, infection, high caloric intake, or substance Continue reading >>

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  1. Magrathea

    DH was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 1 year ago. He is normally lovely but occasionally will have the most awful outbursts of temper which just come out of the blue and he will swear at me, call me all the names under the sun, tell me our marriage is over etc. It will be the smallest thing which triggers it off - totally insignificant, he will be like it for an hour or so and really moody and silent after the outburst or doing the kind of school bully thing where whatever I say is the wrong answer. Then all of a sudden like flicki ng a switch he is back to normal and lovely again. This doesnt happen very often, about once every three or four months but it does un-nerve me when it does. He says it is when his blood sugar is off and he doesnt mean any of it.
    I have no previous experience of diabetes so wonder if this sort of thing can happen or whether he is just being an arse and using it as an excuse?

  2. Chaotica

    That is certainly my experience of a type one diabetic when her blood sugar was low. Obviously, I can't say whether this is the problem with your dh, but if the behaviour is new and correlated with hypos, it would be my guess.
    I sympathise - it's horrible to deal with.

  3. KurriKurri

    It was certainly the case with my FIL, - I didn't know him before he had diabetes, but apparently he was pretty laid back, when I knew him he had a tendency to overreact to things, and could be quite grumpy.

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