Daily Carb Intake For Diabetes

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Diet Wars - Carb Cycling Vs The Ketogenic Diet

Print After all these years, barely a week goes by in which I don’t get asked about ketogenic dieting or carb cycling (usually both). So to settle all debate, let’s look at the main benefits and drawbacks of each. Before we go into all that, let me just state that it’s a scientific fact that some people don’t have to worry as much about the types of carbs they eat, and don’t have to have severely low carb intakes to lose fat. This characteristic—insulin function/sensitivity—is highly genetically based . You can get tested for this and other genes via FitnessGenes (aka MuscleGenes), or you can pay careful attention and use long-term trial and error to determine your carb sensitivity. Let’s start with a carb-cycling diet first, which will enhance our discussion on keto later. First, a definition: Carb cycling could be anything from having two or three cheat/reward meals per week during a carb-restricted diet to having two or three very low carb days per week and eating a normal amount of carbs on other days. Carb cycling works best in people who are able to maintain a high degree of compliance, don’t succumb to cravings, and don’t have huge appetites. The reason f Continue reading >>

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    I know it doesn't look that appetising, but I go for a thin base pizza - normally loaded with ham and then when I have a salad I go for the above sweet corn, beetroot and a bit of potato salad!
    I love potato salad, but very much a great
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    Ps. I know the picture doesn't look great! Lol
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    Never eaten at Pizza Hut, get the flyer's through the door but the food seems expensive roblem:

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