Cost Of Diabetes Medication Without Insurance

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Typical Costs For Diabetes Patients

Here is a list of typical monthly costs for medicines and testing supplies to control diabetes, for two common categories of patients who don't have other health problems. Prices are the full cost, and would be lower for someone with insurance. Be sure to check out this article on why some diabetic patients are cutting their costs during tough economic times. Typical patient with Type 1, or insulin-dependent, diabetes: Humalog fast-acting insulin: $104.11 Lantus long-acting insulin: $77.20 1 syringe/day for Lantus: $10.50 3 pen needles/day for Humalog: $33.64 4 lancets/day (for finger pricking): $14.99 4 test strips/day: $123.59 Accupril (prevents kidney damage): $58.77 Total: $422.80 Typical patient with Type 2 diabetes: Glucotrol XL (helps body make more insulin): $70.33 metformin (helps control blood sugar): $4 Actos (reduces insulin resistance): $222.38 1 lancet/day: $3.75 1 test strip/day: $30.90 Total: $331.36 Average hospitalization for Type 2 diabetes patient who develops a life-threatening complication called ketoacidosis = $11,080 Average hospitalization for Type 2 diabetes patient who develops dangerously high blood sugar = $6,430 Sources: American Diabetes Association, Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Bob_G

    My wife has type 2 diabetes and is on disability. But just a couple months ago she was dropped by her prescription insurance company. She uses Humalog and Lantus but even with a discount card we can't afford them. She spent a week in the hospital with ketoacetosis. So what are you wanting for the Humalog?

  2. Jamesh6565

    I have levamer and Humalog pens, that I could part with, if someone needshoot. I'm not able to work right now aND need to pay some bills as I have a 3 year old and a4 month old to take care of..


    You may can qualify for assistance directly from the pharmaceutical companies. It is worth a shot to see. Here is a list and the numbers/sites where you can contact them. Here is the assistance page:

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