Can You Train Your Dog To Be A Diabetic Alert Dog?

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Diabetes Alert Dog

A bit about me…… I’ve worked in health care as a Registered Nurse and have been professionally training dogs since 2006 now, these two rewarding careers eventually intertwined. Daily I’m amazed at a dog’s ability to interact/intervene with humans to our extreme benefit. Science has proven certain dogs can become part of a reliable health alert team (once dog & human are properly trained). Diabetes alert dogs scan the environment to ensure warning signs are not ignored, forgotten or missed. Finding dogs with aptitude/desire to do diabetes work and connecting them to humans with needs is my life passion and reward. In our demanding world, working dogs provide amazing solutions to life’s challenges while proving yet again they are indeed ~ Best Friends Forever! If you, or someone you know, needs or has interest in seeing what a Diabetes alert dog can do it would be my pleasure to provide a live demonstration to an individual or group in most any setting (our dogs are comfortable in a variety of environments). We’d love to visit, and show you exactly how our dogs help manage diabetes! How Dogs Impact the Diabetes Process… Moment by moment monitoring for type I diabetes Continue reading >>

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  1. MAYS

    How has Diabetes Affected Your Hair ? (Growth or Loss)

    Has any one noticed any changes in their hair (or lack of hair) since they have been diagnosed as being diabetic ?
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    I have this same horrible problem, I talked to my Dr. and he changed me to Farxiga for a 2 wk trial, said that should do the trick…we'll see…I'll let the group know.

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