Can You Heal Your Pancreas?

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Breaking News – Your Pancreas Can Regenerate Itself!

Diabetes is beatable. But don’t wait around for doctors to tell you how. The bottom line is that current medical treatments for diabetes do not reverse or control the disease. To do that, you have to approach it naturally. In diabetes, it’s the beta cells of the pancreas that are in low numbers. The beta cells are important because they make insulin. Degeneration of the beta cells is the main cause of type I diabetes. Exclusive Bonus: Download the 3-point checklist which shows you EXACTLY how to regenerate your beta cells naturally using this scientifically-proven method. Over 2000 medical studies have reported on the topic of pancreas regeneration. Yet you probably haven’t heard about them on television or radio. This may be for several reasons. But the main reason could be that pancreas regeneration is most effectively achieved by herbs, not medical procedures. Much stem cell research has focused on the transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells to diabetic animals to see what happens. These studies all show the same thing: a significant reduction in blood glucose level, plus regeneration of the pancreas cells. The regeneration is determined by seeing an increase in the tota Continue reading >>

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  1. jaymac

    Can your pancreas heal?

    new here
    54 years old
    very active with yoga, weights, dirt bikes, YMCA etc
    5' 11' 175 lbs
    life long arrogant horrible diet.
    3 main food groups were sugar, carbs and more sugar
    always thought since i worked out so much i was fine
    Ha1c was 6.5 fasting BS was 115 about 6 months ago
    doc said headed to diabetes
    said my diet was pathetic
    I radically changed diet to atkins like with little carbs.
    basically, if it had carbs i did'nt eat it
    monumental changes
    Ha1c went to 5.5 BS 114
    slacked off some on carbs 9still MUCH better then life long diet)
    ha1c went back to 6.4 bs 115
    disappointed. another wake up call that i needed to get more serious about this. got doc to give me BG tester
    Now learning more and using GI index to add some new things
    I have 2 questions.
    is the MAIN goal to avoid spikes in BS? So even though a food has what seems to be alot of carbs (ie: all bran)
    the fact GI index is low makes it ok? because the spikes are what harm pancreas?
    the other question is can you 'heal" your pancreas if you have screwed it up with life long crap diet? if i keep this on this great diet can i look to a goal of getting fasting BS normal?
    By the way, for anyone else reading this, I feel so much better since changing my diet. It has blown me away.
    I sleep better. am more calm and happier. never really tired.
    i think i was %^^&*$ addicted to the highs of the sugar and didnt know how the ups and downs mess with your lives.
    thank you very much in advance

  2. Shanny

    Welcome aboard! Sure glad to hear you finally got a meter . . . it should become your best friend. But no, you can't heal your pancreas; once a diabetic, always a diabetic. You absolutely CAN get your fbg to a normal level though!
    The high blood sugars don't damage the pancreas per se. What they damage is your retinas, kidneys, vascular system . . . which is why you hear of uncontrolled diabetics going blind, going on dialysis, and losing extremities by amputation due to poor circulation and neuropathy.
    The GI business has been useless to me, because my aim is to stop the spike completely - not just arrest it for a little while. All the GI tells us is how fast/how hard it will hit. What I try to avoid is getting hit at all, so I go strictly by the carb counts. Having used my meter extensively in the beginning, I know which foods spike me and I no longer eat them. My method is called is 'eating to my meter'. My meter gets the last say over whether I use any given food item in my meals; any food that bumps my blood sugar up over 140 (7.7) gets deleted from my menus. Many of us work up our own food plans - although Atkins is a good one - but we use a concept called low-carb/high-fat, which means replacing the carbs in our diet with fats. Because protein can also be converted to glucose in the body, we take care to keep protein intake low/moderate too. But any natural saturated fats and/or monounsaturated fats are fair game to fill out your meals & provide satiety & freedom from hunger. It also lowers your cholesterol and often your blood pressure. I have the lab results to prove it, and so do many others here.
    There is lots of good information and great wisdom here, and anything that's confusing to you, or seems peculiar, just ask.

  3. tony0611

    Actually I have a slightly different view and that's based on what i've read in Dr Bernstein's book.
    I just read that he's of the opinion that if you truly control your blood sugars (His definition of normal is "truly normal blood sugars at all times", something like in the low 80s) there is some level of healing of the pancreas that happens. But he did not conclude a complete healing but a healing to some extent.
    But yes once a diabetic, always one.

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