Can You Eat Peanut Butter With Diabetes?

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Is Peanut Butter Good For Health?

Because, Heart: Peanuts lower the risk of cardiovascular and coronary heart diseases. Helps prevent Alzheimers as long as you remember to include peanut butter in your diet now! Yes. Even though it is loaded with essential nutrients, eating too much is not recommended because of its fat content. So you should manage the amount depending on your calorie needs and weight-management goals. I am a lazy person so I just buy a jar from market. But make sure you read the nutrition label because there are both healthy and unhealthy options out there. And dont even bother buying a low-fat peanut butter version. It will be a waste of money. The calories would be just the same because of the ingredients added to make up for the missing fat. (Aka the arch-nemesis - Sugar!) But otherwise, a friend of mine had prepared peanut butter at home and it was delicious! (Apparently just takes grinding and patience) And because you prepare it yourself, you exactly know the ingredients that went into making it. So, yeah, the choice is yours! Just make sure you dont deprive yourself off the pleasure thats Peanut Butter! Moreover, anything that Joey likes, has to be good! :) If you like Joey or if you like Continue reading >>

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  1. thefnshow

    i'm going to see alien vs pedator requiem with some friends and was wondering if movie popcorn is ok. if it is does it have to be plain or can i put a little butter on it ?

  2. xMenace

    That's difficult to say not knowing anything about you or your meds. Popcorn and I get along very well. The butter can actually slow down the carbs and spread them out longer. I will go high several hours after eating a large bowl. Can you skip your dinner and have these instead? Do you count carbs?

  3. thefnshow

    i try to watch my carb intake...we'll probably go to a matinee(?) so i'd wouldn't be eating breakfast..i love having popcorn when i'm at the movies

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