Can You Eat Or Drink Anything Before A Glucose Test?

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Can You Eat Before A Gestational Diabetes Test?

Doctors routinely test pregnant women for gestational diabetes since this condition can harm the baby if it isn't treated. High blood glucose levels may be the only sign of this condition, so this blood test is needed to determine whether a special diet is necessary for the mother to keep the baby safe. Video of the Day There are two types of gestational diabetes tests. The simpler test is the glucose challenge test, which is the first one that the doctor will order. Should this test indicate a possible problem, you will be asked to return for the longer glucose tolerance test, which will more accurately determine whether you have gestational diabetes. Both of these tests involve drinking a measured dose of a high glucose beverage and then having your blood drawn and tested. One hour after drinking the liquid for the glucose challenge test you will have your blood drawn. You are not allowed to eat or drink while waiting for the blood draw. With the glucose tolerance test, you have your blood drawn before drinking the beverage and then every hour for the next three hours. A glucose challenge test result above 130 or 140 mg/dL, depending on the lab, will require you to do the glucose Continue reading >>

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  1. jeanbean13

    I am going in for my 1 hour gestational diabetes test soon. And I'm a little confused. My doctor said that I don't need to fast beforehand but recommended that I eat a low carb diet the day before and morning of. However, another doctor I talked to (also a obstetrician) said that I should eat a low carb/low sugar diet a few days before the test and to go to the lab with an empty stomach (no food or drink).
    What did you ladies do? Fasting? Adjust diet before the test?

  2. LGalipp19

    They told me I didn't have to fast also but I did being nervous I would eat something too sugary before the test. It was also at 10 AM and I had just eaten the night before, so its not like I was fasting for a really long time. The lab tech asked if I was fasting and I told her I was. She took my blood before and after the juice. It's all so confusing to me. You would think it would be more reliable if you fast because they would never know the sugar content of your breakfast.

  3. mrsz2008

    My doctor has never told me to fast beforehand. I didn't with DS and I didn't this time, but I also didn't have a super sugary breakfast, just cereal, although I did have half a pint of ice cream the night before...
    I haven't heard back if I passed or not. I read the recommended instructions on the label of the glucose drink and it said to have patient fast, and to draw blood before and after the drink, which my doc doesn't do either. I don't think it's necessary to fast ahead of time, just don't go overboard on sugar the day of.

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