Can You Drink Alcohol When You Have Diabetes?

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Diabetes And Alcohol: Do The Two Mix? (part 1)

A nice glass of Chianti…a cold beer on a hot summer day…celebrating with a flute of champagne. There are so many ways that alcohol is integrated into both everyday life and special occasions. Granted, not everyone drinks alcohol, but many people do. And when it comes to the question, "Can I drink alcohol if I have diabetes?" the answer is about as clear as that for "Is a low-carb diet good for diabetes?" In other words, the answer really is, "It depends!" It’s important to mention right off the bat that there are certainly many reasons why people should not drink alcohol. Some may be related to diabetes and some may be related to other reasons. Therefore, it’s important to discuss this issue with your health-care provider if you have any doubts or concerns. And if you’re newly diagnosed with diabetes or starting on a new medicine, it’s worthwhile bringing up the topic if your provider doesn’t. While you’d be hard-pressed to find any health organization actually recommending that you drink alcohol, you might take some comfort in knowing that the American Diabetes Association, the American Heart Association, and even the American Cancer Society agree that drinking alc Continue reading >>

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  1. bangbong2000

    I guess they have to give us tips in the question like in case of somogyi pt morning hyperglycemia not improving with restriction of carbohydrate food before bed... Anyone can give me more idea?

  2. sonu.agarwall

    i read abt it somewer man....not sure wer....sum wer in my final year texts.....will post as soon as i find it....somogyi is sumthing in middle of night due to medications n dawn phenomenon is in early mrng related to counter regulatory hormones...sumthing like that

  3. docnas

    somogyi = rebound hyperglycemia due to hypoglycemia because of too much insulin given before sleeping
    dawn phenom is due to homones being released according to circadian rhythm main hormone noted is GH. this causes a hyperglycemic state.

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