Can Type 2 Diabetes Be Reversible?

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Can You Reverse Diabetes?

Can you change your diabetes fate? It's key to understand that type 2 diabetes is a progressive illness often preceded by years of elevated blood glucose (also known as blood sugar) levels high enough to be diagnosed as prediabetes. When most people with type 2 diabetes are finally diagnosed, experts believe they've been on this path for five to 10 years and have lost more than half of their natural insulin-making capability in the beta cells of their pancreas. While you cannot undo your lifestyle habits of the last decade or more, you can take steps to put your diabetes in remission. Don't despair and don't give up. Research shows that losing weight and keeping it off can help delay the onset of prediabetes, delay progression of prediabetes to type 2 diabetes, or slow the progression of type 2. The keys to diabetes prevention and preventing diabetes complications include: Eat healthfully, exercise often, seek out knowledge and support, and create an environment that fosters healthful living. Losing even just a few pounds early on when glucose begins to rise can dramatically improve your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood pressure, and more. "People should Continue reading >>

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  1. kjvdp

    Just wondering if anyone has tried one of the A1C home test kits. I was recently diagnosed Type II secondary to hemochromatosis and am trying to get it in check. The problem is that my job requires me to travel a lot so it's hard for me to keep a regular doctor. One of these tests would be nice if they're fairly accurate so I can keep an eye on it. If anyone has any experience with these, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. kirksan

    I've been taking a home A1C test monthly along with one at my doctor's office annually. The home test is very close to the doctor's office test in my experience. There are a few more steps than a simple blood glucose test, but it's not too difficult. I wouldn't suggest relying solely on the A1C test though, you should still test regularly with a standard blood glucometer.
    I'm using the kit A1C Now from PTS Diagnostics purchased from Amazon. I don't have experience with kits from other companies, but this one seems to work fine. Just read the instructions and make sure you don't use it passed the expiration date. I also keep mine in a refrigerator and warm up one kit for a few minutes before testing (as suggested in the instructions)

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