Can I Get Rid Of Diabetes?

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Major Lifestyle Changes Get Rid Of Diabetes

The good news is you can reverse type 2 diabetes. The bad news is following most conventional diabetic advice doesn’t do the trick. So what is the answer? Simply put, if you want major positive changes in your diabetes status you have to make major lifestyle changes. To illustrate this we can look at why the National Institute of Health (NIH) stopped their Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes) trial, which was investigating an “intensive lifestyle intervention program” to reduce the considerable cardiovascular risk associated with type 2 diabetes, compared to traditional diabetes support and education. After ;eleven years, there was no difference in incidence of cardiovascular events (e.g. heart attack and stroke) between the two groups, prompting the NIH to end the trial. So why didn’t the intensive lifestyle intervention work? The major flaw in this study was that the intensive lifestyle intervention was not “intensive” at all. The program consisted of four years of instruction and counseling, encouraging subjects to follow a conventional low-fat diet (less than 30 percent of calories from fat and less than 10 percent of calories from saturated fat) and exercise Continue reading >>

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  1. VeronnyBunny

    Can you get rid of type 2 diabetes?

    Hello, I had a question please.:) my nutritionist told me that you can get rid of type 2 diabetes with hard work, eating right and excercise because she has seen people do it. On the other hand, I have heard people say that you cant get rid of it and there is no cure, just that you can control it. Does anyone know for sure? Thank you!!!:)

  2. Anonymous

    What happens exactly if you have diabetes ? What are the major bad things that come with having it

  3. Scared ****less

    Oh there's a bunch of us now my dr said he's heard from other drs its happening more i mean reversed diabetes who knows the disease might be geting weaker. Who knows what lies in the future But thing im doing I will always watch my diet and check my glucose

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