Can Honey Cause Diabetes

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Can Diabetic Diet Include Honey? – Amazing Benefits Of Honey – When Diabetics Eat Sugar

When Diabetics Eat Sugar Hello friends, look over the top five health care videos Click here: Today I'm going to show you, can the diabetic diet include honey? – Incredible benefits of honey The diabetic diet allows you to consume honey or if honey is allowed … you can come to the conclusion that it is not a bad idea to include honey in your … intake in the liver and this unique ability can only be associated with honey. … looking for honey because they do not know the benefits of raw honey Follow us Facebook: Twitter: Google +: Blogger: Wordpress: Searches related to Can Diabetic Diet Include Honey? – Incredible benefits of honey =============================================================================================== It's good for diabetic patients can diabetics eat raw honey diabetics can eat honey and cinnamon can a diabetic eat banana can honey cause diabetes honey and cure of diabetes can diabetics eat dates will give you honey diabetes Can diabetics eat honey? The investigation will be … – DIET vs DISEASE Honey vs. sugar: effects on blood sugar and insulin; Other studies … It is also reported that honey contains about 200 different substances, … Can t Continue reading >>

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  1. Diabetes

    Can honey cause diabetes?

    there is NO food that causes diabetes. Not even sugar.
    Diabetes has two causes:
    1) You body "rejects" the pancreas. This is an inherited autoimmune disease, like rheumatoid arthritis.. It is NOT caused by food, and it is not communicable. This is called Type 1 Diabetes
    2) You are overweight. This is called Type 2 Diabetes.
    Now, honey is almost pure sugar (about 85%) with a little water added (about 15%). Honey is a BAD FOOD for a person that IS diabetic.
    Eating too much honey WILL cause you to gain weight, and possibly become overweight. THEN you might get Type 2 Diabetes.
    But so long as you otherwise control your diet and maintain a "normal" weight based on your height, then you should not have any trouble eating honey IN MODERATE AMOUNTS.

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