Can High Blood Sugar Make You Nauseous?

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Low Blood Sugar Symptoms

A low blood sugar, also called hypoglycemia or an insulin reaction, is defined as a blood glucose level below 60 to 70 mg/dl. It is usually companied by one or more of the symptoms described below. Low blood sugars or insulin reactions can occur whenever insulin is used. Although less frequent, it can also occur with use of drugs that stimulate insulin production in Type 2 diabetes, such as Diabenese, Glyburide, Glipizide, and Starlix. Hypoglycemia symptoms vary greatly. Lows may occur with no symptoms, minor symptoms, or full-blown symptoms. They will vary from person to person and from one low to the next in the same person. A single symptom may make you aware that your blood sugar has become low, or you may suddenly become aware of several symptoms at once. Symptoms are created both by the effect of the low blood sugar on the brain and other organs, and by the effects of adrenaline and glucagon which are released in large quantities to raise the blood sugar. Anytime you suspect a low blood sugar, check it to be sure and, if you are low, raise your sugar quickly with glucose tablets or other fast carbohydrates. If you're too confused to check, eat quick carbs and check later. The Continue reading >>

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  1. runthe


    Good morning all, i was wondering if anyone is suffering with being nausea through out the day and night. i though that it might be the meds or insulin. I get sick weather i am full or hungry. i was wondering if this is a diabetic stomach or something. help!!!!!!!!!!!1
    thanks runthe type 2

  2. Cassie12

    Hello runthe, How is your kidney function? Lowered kidney function can cause nausea.

  3. Linda2

    you didn't say what meds you are on,but with byetta I had nausea for a full three month then it improved. Couldn't eat fried food especially french fries. Metforman can make you nausseas too. Watch what you eat and of course check with you doctor/pharmacist and read about drug side effects. good luck.

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