Can Diabetics Take Cough Syrup?

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The Ultimate Guide To Low Fodmap Sugars & Sweeteners

If you are anything like me then you will enjoy indulging in a treat now and then! However, navigating what sugars and sweeteners are low FODMAP can be a challenge. This ultimate guide to low FODMAP sugars, syrups and sweeteners will make selecting a safe sweetening agent easy. Before we get started it's important to understand that only excess fructose is malabsorbed. This means sugars and sweeteners that contain equal amounts of glucose and fructose are generally well tolerated on the low FODMAP diet. Also remember that any sugar or sweetener should be consumed in moderation. So limit yourself to one piece of baking at a time! Sugars Beet Sugar (Low FODMAP) Beet sugar consists of 99.5% sucrose and is considered low FODMAP (Imperial Sugar, 2016). This sugar comes from sugar beet plants and it is one of the most common sources of table sugar (the other most common source is from the sugar cane) (Imperial Sugar, 2016). This sugar consists of equal parts of glucose and fructose, which means it can be consumed in moderation. As beet sugar is a form of white sugar the low FODMAP serving size would be 1 tablespoon (Monash App, 2016). Brown Sugar (Low FODMAP) Brown sugar is made by addin Continue reading >>

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  1. mediaman

    Metformin Side Effects?

    Anyone have any luck dealing with gas, bloating and other digestive issues while taking Metformin or a combo drug that includes metformin?
    I do REALLY well on the slow release metformin and Januvia combo but the digestive issues make it impossible for me to stay on for long stretches. Would love any tips.

  2. joe_h

    I'm on met slow release and januvia as well and been lucky but believe I've seen other users try gax-s or other gas relief drugs to help their guts feel better. good luck

  3. breezeonby

    I have been on regular metformin and couldn't deal with g/i problems and I tried the extended release and I thought I could deal with that but I started getting diarrhea and once I stopped the metformin er the diarrhea stopped. I haven't been on januvia but I had read that nausea is the worst side effect.

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