Can Diabetes Be Reversed With Weight Loss

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How Diet Shakes And Dropping Sodas Reversed Diabetes

Eric Smith comes from the part of Ohio where fizzy soft drinks are called “pop.” He also called them his beverage of choice — for lunch, dinner and snacks. So when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in November 2016, Smith knew he was going to have to cut down. In fact, he cut out all sugary soft drinks and switched to water. He stopped eating fast food, white bread and other junk and, in the space of a few months, he turned around his diabetes and has normal blood sugar now. On Tuesday, a large study confirmed what Smith and other people like him have found — a strict weight-loss diet can reverse the progression of Type 2 diabetes and bring many people back to normal. “I was drinking maybe six cans of pop a day if you averaged it out,” said Smith, a 40-year-old bookkeeper. “Every meal I would have one, maybe two with lunch, two with dinner. If it wasn’t pop it was a sugary drink somewhere.” And Smith was, like so many Americans, obese. “I was up to 390,” he said. He joined the Cleveland Clinic's Lifestyle Essentials program, which includes a series of six appointments to help people learn how to improve their habits. By changing his diet and adding in just Continue reading >>

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  1. caroloca

    3 Posts

    hey there, i'm writing because i recently started feeling something new and very weird and i wanted to know if anyone has experienced something similar.
    When i wake up with a low sugar ( no lower than 50) i've felt disoriented, lost, i managed to connect some brain cels & i measured my blood sugar, i realised i was somehow low but then i'd find myself in the kitchen not knowing what to do...the feeling of knowing you have to do something but can't quite femember what, or where you were going...I'm so scared, there's something wrong in my brain, i can feel it...and it's not like the usual low sugar symptoms.
    I'm definitely going to contact a neurologist and my usual doctor.
    Anything you've expierienced will help, i'm just scared

  2. RobertIA

    These are not pleasant times and especially when alone. You may want to investigate "Life-alert" or other services that connect you directly to 911 services. A lot of people are not able to afford these services, but they are there and can save lives.

  3. jen1229

    When your blood sugar gets low it is not unusual to have strange symptoms. Sometimes I wake up siting on the edge of my bed and I'm not sure why. After I test I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what to do next. I keep a thing of glucotabs in my night stand, but sometimes I end up in the kitchen looking for something to eat. I've lost 73 pounds in the last year and my insulin requirements have dropped a lot. My Levemir has gone from 68 units to 38. It's scary sometimes after you get your sugar back up when you think back, especially when you live alone.

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