Can Diabetes Be Cured By Yoga?

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Diabetes Mellitus Yoga Cure - Natural Treatment Alternative Home Medicine

Diabetes mellitus yoga cure - natural treatment alternative home medicine Natural cure and preventing diabetes mellitus through holistic alternative complementary medicine like yoga aurveda reiki eft and other home remedies. The percentage of diabetic patients all over the world is increasing day by day. Diabetes is the third widespread and serious disease after heart disease and cancer. We need energy to carry out any activity by the body. Our body converts glucose into working power and remains active. Digestive process converts carbohydrates from our food into glucose. As the proportion of glucose in the blood increases, immediately pancreas gland situated behind the stomach releases hormones known as insulin. It converts glucose in the form of power and stores the extra glucose in the cells of liver and muscles. Thus the quantum of glucose in the blood remains balanced. Diabetes mellitus is a disease state in which pancreas not functions normally, no sufficient insulin is produced and so, the body is not capable to manage its food intake properly, bodys metabolism gets disturbed. The sugar, starch and other carbohydrates are not burnt properly because of missing insulin, it le Continue reading >>

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  1. katiebird11

    Whole30 and Type-1s

    I'm currently in the midst of the Whole30 eating plan and seeing great results! I wanted to see if others are also, have any tips, food suggestions, etc. I am currently averaging 75-125 carbs a day. The higher end is when I work out or have low BGs.
    I look forward to commiserating!
    Type 1 for 30 years, pump & (sometimes) a CGM.
    Pre-W30 Stats:
    A1c: 6.9 (9/2016)
    Weight: 180 lbs (1/1/2017)
    TDD: 37-47 u
    Basal: 18.225 u
    Bolus: 18-30 u
    Headaches, tons of lows with corresponding highs...
    Current Stats:
    Weight: 172 lbs (2/3/2017)
    TDD: 28-34 u
    Basal: 17.475
    Bolus: 10-14 u
    I feel wonderful, light and clear-headed and not hungry, lol.

  2. coravh

    I've never heard of the Whole30 plan but I can tell you that I have been normally eating in the 75 - 110g of carb per day range. That was what worked for me over the years. I was able to get decent bgs and my weight was in balance.

  3. katiebird11

    Can I ask, does your new pancreas work normally? Always wondered the results of transplants!

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