Best Honey For Diabetics

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Can Diabetics Eat Peanut Butter?

Rich in unsaturated fat and protein, all-natural peanut butter can make a nutritious addition to meals and snacks for individuals with diabetes. Peanut butter's low carbohydrate content keeps blood sugar under control, while its healthy fats satisfy the appetite for several hours. While people with diabetes should limit their portion size to avoid weight gain, peanut butter can still be a healthy addition to a diabetic diet. In its natural form with no added fats, sweeteners or sugars, peanut butter is considered a nutritional powerhouse. Two tablespoons of peanut butter contain approximately 12 grams of healthy poly- and monounsaturated fats, and nearly 8 grams of protein. Because there is no cholesterol and very little saturated fat in peanut butter, it is also appropriate for people with cardiac problems. The carbohydrate content of peanut butter is minimal, with less than 7 grams per serving. Because of its low carbohydrate and high healthy fat and protein content, peanut butter does not elevate blood sugar. Serving Size for Those With Diabetes According to the American Diabetes Association, individuals with diabetes should consume no more than 2 tablespoons of peanut butter at Continue reading >>

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  1. tony

    Today while I was set up selling my honey a lady that works at the Truckstop where I sell at on Saturdays came and bought a pint jar of honey. She told me she had diabetes but had looked it up online if she could eat raw honey. I told her I honestly wasn’t sure, because it is a form of sugar, albeit healthier, but a sugar none-the-less. I asked her if she trusted her google site as I didn’t want to be blamed should she eat too much of it, but she assured me that if she ate it in moderation she would be fine. Since I see her once a week, is there anyone who could provide me with recipes she could use honey in that wouldn’t send her into a coma?

  2. Mally

    I would not recommend any recipe to a Diabetic they need to know that information for their own safety not only that there are 3 kinds of Diabetes each one has different acceptable levels of amount of honey that they can ingest. Just tell them to “google” what is or would be the best for them and the type of Diabetes they have and of course check with you Doctor and ask him/her for a his/her opinion. I would think they would be advised to see a dietitian and then told to make sure they monitor their blood sugar levels.

  3. Michael_Bush

    It may be slightly better than sucrose, because of the different sugars metabolizing at different rates, but it’s still mostly sugar.

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