Assistance With Diabetic Supplies

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How To Get Free Diabetes Supplies

1 Obtain insurance. If you do not have insurance already, you should enroll in an insurance program. Insurance can provide free or discounted diabetes supplies under basic coverage. You can enroll in an insurance program through healthcare.gov, a public database provided under the Affordable Care Act. Under AFA, you cannot be turned down for preexisting conditions and you may be eligible for a discounted premium depending on your current income. There is a toll-free number to call if you have any questions.[1] You can try to pursue a private insurance program on your own. You will have to undergo a health insurance physical, which will serve to determine your pay rate. This choice may be costly, especially if you already have diabetes. This may increase your monthly premium. If you are currently employed, see if your employer provides health care options and what you need to do to get on their plan. 2 Call your existing insurance company. If you're already insured, call your insurance company to talk about diabetes coverage. You can ask them what supplies will be covered under their program, what the copay is, and whether local pharmacies will offer you free or discounted supplies. Continue reading >>

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  1. Angie Type 1

    I found free Insulin and Medtronic Pump Supplies from Manufacturers

    Hi, just wanted to give those of you who are in need of supplies and their money is stretch due to Unemployment or Inability to work from Diabetes. Lilly, the maker of insulin gives free insulin and also if you are on an insulin pump (Medtronic is the one I am on) they also give you reservoirs and infusion sets. You will need to meet certain financial guidelines. When I was "laid off" and found a part time job I got better control only working 3 days a week instead of 5(which of course affected my income). However, I needed help with my insulin pump supplies and insulin. I couldn't afford Cobra Ins. from my prior job @ 600 a month so the only one I could get was a cheaper Blue Shield plan which had a pre-existing condition clause which meant they paid 0 of my diabetes supplies and doctor bills. If you need help finding the website for Lilly or Medtronic for you pumpers just let me know.

  2. Anne313

    Hi, My name is Anne, I lost my job in April and then my health insurance the end of July. I am on a Medtronic Insulin Pump and saw that you said you could get free stuff. How did you do that? Thanks for your help. Take care

  3. cumpja92

    Hi I am needing help in getting my pods for my Omnipod pump do you think I can get help as well?

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