Are You Born With Type 2 Diabetes

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Country Of Birth Affects Blood Pressure In The French Hypertensive Diabetic Population

Introduction National health statistics and prospective epidemiological studies, mainly from the United States, have consistently established that hypertensive cardiovascular (CV) disease, stroke, and coronary heart disease are considerably more prevalent in black than in white populations, with a higher prevalence of cardiac and renal failure in the black population (Chrysant et al., 1979; Dunn et al., 1983; Nichols and O'Rourke, 2006; Carson et al., 2011; Chirinos et al., 2011; Frohlich, 2011). In a more recent study in France (Thomas et al., 2012), age, blood pressure (BP), overweight, obesity, and diabetes mellitus were shown to be significant risk factors associated with hypertension in individuals born in Africa, although no striking evidence of CV or renal structure and function impairments was found. In addition, the characteristic CV profile of Asian-born populations was also an important consideration, with lower body weight and HDL-cholesterol, and higher HR and plasma triglyceride levels. It therefore appeared important to determine the impact of country of birth on the CV risk-profile of French-, African- and Asian-born subgroups all residing long-term in France. Thus, Continue reading >>

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  1. HansM

    I would like to know some of the success stories from people who are taking these.Are they better off taking them at a certain time of day than other times?What really works for the majority?Mine says for Glipizide 10 mg take twice a day.Januvia 100 mg once a day.Been taking Glipizide in the morning and one at lunch and Januvia at supper.Would it be better if I took the Januvia at lunch and Glipizide morning and at supper?It is not specified exactly.What would be worth trying?I want to get my fasting numbers down.Then maybe my bedtime ones will go down as well.

  2. princesslinda

    If your glipizide says twice daily, generally that means you should take 2 doses, 12 hrs apart, so if you take it at 6 a.m., you then would take it again at 6 pm. Do remember that glipizide works by stimulating insulin production so you may run the risk of having low blood sugars on it, esp. if you aren't eating regularly. You wouldn't want to take it at bedtime for fear of going low in your sleep.
    If you look on the Januvia web site, it mentions that it to help improve insulin production after meals when blood sugars are higher...so you would want to take it at some point during the day since it works on post-meal blood sugar. The Januvia website also mentions that taking it with sulfonylureas (glipizide falls into this class of meds) may cause low blood sugars.

  3. foxl

    You take Januvia at the same time every day, once per day -- not with meals.

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