Are Sweeteners Good For Diabetics?

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5 Sugar Substitutes For Type 2 Diabetes

1 / 6 A Small Amount of Real Sugar Is Best, but Sugar Substitutes Can Help If you think that people with diabetes should always avoid sugar, think again — they can enjoy the sweet stuff, in moderation. "The best bet is to use a very minimal amount of real sugar as part of a balanced diabetic diet," says Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN, of Nutritious Life, a nutrition practice based in New York City. That being said, sugar substitutes offer sweetness while controlling carbohydrate intake and blood glucose. There are many sugar substitutes to choose from, but they’re not all calorie-free and they vary in terms of their impact on blood sugar. "The major difference between the sugar substitutes is whether they are nutritive or non-nutritive sweeteners," says Melissa Mullins, MS, RD, a certified diabetes educator with Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon, Va. "Non-nutritive sweeteners provide no calories and no changes in blood glucose levels, which is perfect for people with diabetes.” Here are six sweet options to consider. Continue reading >>

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  1. MLE

    Heaps of Slogans !

    After I got diagnosed in 2008,I decided to make my diabetes type 1 a little more fun and invented some pretty awsome catch phrases. I believe they would work well on shirts !
    It's Type One, *****!
    Diabetes, it's Latin for ___________ (cool, awesomeness, get the **** out of my way, etc)
    Just because I can't get fat...
    You think your tough? Try stabbing yourself with a needle 8 times a day!
    Diabetes, all the cool kids have it.
    "Yes, white with 2, no wait, better make that 3, hang on, nope one" <-- Sorry that one's a bit lame.
    My boyfriend and I went to Merredin (or on a road trip), he got drunk, i got Diabetes!
    Diabetes, you wish you had it!
    "Thanks to Diabetes Type 1, I lost 10 kilos in one week!" (Rip off of Jenny Craig ads)
    Jelly Beans save lives
    For Sale: 1 Pancreas, used, in good condition but slightly faulty
    Shoot'n up Insulin
    Diabetes, helping people stay slim since ______
    I'm not diabetic, i'm just sweet enough!
    They are really for type 1 diabetes but yeah
    Thanks !

  2. dlabbee

    I see you have an upbeat attitude, I think that is wonderful. Sarcasm is a way of coping, I use it myself.

  3. bluecanary81

    I really like your "For Sale: 1 Pancreas" slogan. There's thread on here for suggestions for t-shirts, so maybe you could submit some of these ideas on that thread.

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