Are Kidney Beans Good For Diabetics

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Are Red Beans Good Or Bad For Gout?

Obviously, you already know some information on gout or you would not be reading this article, so let me be as brief as possible and clear some things up. I’m going to give you a different perspective on gout and its causes and answer the question of where red beans are good or bad for gout. Ready to dive in? Great, let’s get started. Are Red Beans Really Bad For Gout? First things first, let me deliver on the promise of the title and give you a direct answer to your question of are red beans good or bad for gout. Red beans are not the best choice for people who suffer from gout. You will pay if you keep eating them. We will cover more details on red beans later. I first I want to teach you “why” red beans are not good for people who suffer from gout outbreaks. You May Be Lacking Some Very Important Information Mainstream medical states that gout is caused by an increase in purines in your blood serum levels, but what caused the purines to go out of control in the first place? This is typical of modern medicine. Their goal is to manage a disease, condition or syndrome, not fix it, so the focus is on treatment. Here is another example. There was a study just a few years back Continue reading >>

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  1. ann888

    white kidney bean extract

    I have been hearing alot about this and wonder if anyone else has…supposed to be good for blocking carbs…saw it on Dr Oz..thanks

  2. jayabee52

    Sorry for the lateness of my reply Ann. I didn't post on this discussion immediately since during my research on this subject I clicked on a link supposedly from Dr Oz and I got some "malware" on the computer that I was on. All my findings were lost and frustrated, I went to bed.
    I have tried to redo my research (avoiding the Dr Oz sites) and found these
    I've read through these articles and there is half-hearted support for using the white kidney Bean extract. It won't harm you, but the extract only inhibits ( not blocks) the action of the starch digestion enzyme alpha-amylase, there is another enzyme "glucoamylase" which may take over when the alpha-a is inhibited.
    plus there may be some rather unpleasant side effects:
    Only you can make that kind of decision as to what you put into your body.
    I for one choose not to do that.

  3. MEGriff1950

    I haven't heard about bean extract but I do know that when I make homemade bean soup my #'s are good even though I eat a lot of it. I usually use several kinds of beans in my soups.

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