Are Diabetic Test Strips Sold Over The Counter?

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Diabetic Test Strips How They Work

Is It Legal To Sell Diabetic Test Strips? Sell unneeded test strips can earn you money. Is It Legal To Sell Test Strips? Yes and no! Many people have extra diabetic test strips for a numberof reasons. Maybe you switched meters, cut down on the number of times you test a day or maybe you are no longer considered a diabetic. Unfortunately you may have lost a loved one who was a diabetic. So what can you do with all the extra boxes you have now? Well you can throw them out or a better idea is to sell them for cash! Maybe you are wondering if selling them is even legal. Yes diabetic strips are a Non-prescription product. The can be purchased over the counter in many pharmacy stores, Wal-Mart, Wallgreens etc. The only test strips that can't be sold are the ones that have been supplied by Medicaid or Medicare. These are government run programs that prohibit the re-selling of test strips. But I have a prescription for my strips from my health insurance company. Is it ok to sell these? Yes, you can sell these as long as there is no labeling that mentions Medicaid or Medicare. So now that you have all the information on selling your diabetic test strips you may be wondering where you can se Continue reading >>

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  1. AgnAustic

    I'm going to Canada next week. Will I be able to buy insulin / glucose monitors / test strips / lancets for cheaper than the US up there? Will I need any prescriptions to do so?

  2. [deleted]

    You can buy any diabetic supplies including Insulin over the counter without a prescription. I do it all the time when I travel in the country or when my doc is slow on refilling the script. You need a prescription only if you want it covered by insurance.
    Insulin will be much cheaper than the US (Novorapid (same as NovoLog) is about $25/vial). Meters are often free when you buy 100 strips. I believe the price of strips is about the same as in the US (~$1/strip) except that the Canadian dollar is very weak right now so you'll win on exchange.
    The only real difference should be that the packaging is 1/2 french and meters will be in mmol/l instead of mg/dl but you can probably change that.
    Just please don't buy my drugstore out of supplies or I'll be pissed.
    Also, be prepared to lie to border security when you cross back into the US -- I don't think they like it when you come here to stock up.

  3. AgnAustic

    I'll try not to clean out your pharmacy ;)
    Since I'll be flying, I'll say something along the lines of "I ran out while I was in Canada, and this was the smallest order I could get". Or something like that.

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