American Diabetes Association 2017 Guidelines

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American Diabetes Association Standards Of Care

The most up-to-date resource for clinicians, dietitians, and educators on the treatment of diabetes. Includes the American Diabetes Association standards for diagnosing and treating diabetes, nutrition recommendations and principles, and valuable guidelines on managing diabetes and its complications in various settings. Reformatted exclusively for this digital edition and designed to provide easy navigation, this app makes it easier to locate materials quickly. A must-have for any health care professional who regularly sees patients with diabetes. Updated to include the American Diabetes Association's 2012 guidelines and recommendations. ...More Continue reading >>

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  1. Mynameisalyss

    anyone suffer from low blood sugar on sertraline?

    I was 25 mg of Zoloft for 2 years. My doctor decided to wean me off. I went into withdrawal. Within a week of being off of it I went back on but only 12.5 mg. I had a hard time leaving the house so I went up to 25 again. Been on 25 for 4 weeks now. All the side effects of the start up have came and gone.
    I find myself getting very dizzy every 2 hours. I was told low sugar is a side effect of Zoloft and that I should graze. Eat 3 meals with snacks in between. There are times where I am forced to eat and I am not hungry at all! **This did not happen in the past when taking Zoloft**
    I just left the doctor. She wants to decrease my dose back down to 12.5 but I told her the anxiety was unbearable. So she suggested 12.5 plus 6.25 for a total of 18.75. Or to increase my dose from 25 to 37.5 (25 mg with a half of a 25mg).
    Im afraid the decrease will effect my anxity and afraid the increase will effect my blood suagr.
    I am hoping to hear from others whom may have experienced this before changing my dosage.
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  2. Tezes

    Sorry that should be 50mg not 59 !!

  3. lattifa7777

    did you get any withdrawel symptoms?

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