Alcoholic Drinks For Diabetics List

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The Best Liquids To Drink If You Are Diabetic

When you're diabetic, you need to be careful about not only the foods you consume but also about what you drink. A wide range of beverages are safe for diabetics, but many others are not. Pick the wrong type of drink, and you're apt to experience complications as a result of your elevated blood glucose. To stay healthy, keep a list of the best liquids to drink when you're at home, at work and even while traveling. Video of the Day Quench Your Thirst The American Diabetes Association suggests that diabetics commit to consuming drinks that have either no calories or that have a very low number of calories per serving. The healthiest choice is water, which does not have any calories and is also an ideal source of hydration. Other healthy drinks to consider adding to your meal plan include unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee, diet soft drinks and low-calorie beverages such as club soda and vegetable juice. Low-fat milk and 100 percent fruit juice are also safe, but note each beverage's calories and carbs, and track this information in your meal plan. Spice Up Your Water If you primarily drink water but seek variety, make a subtle change to your choice of beverage. Instead of plain wate Continue reading >>

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  1. Donna1

    What is the best alcoholic drinks to have when type 1! I drink beer, miller coors light n would normally go on to morgans lemonade after a few but as nowhere sells diet lemonade n diet coke with morgans i cant drink! Since diagnosis i drink bottled beer on nites out but sick of it after a few now! What can i drink?
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  2. this is too difficult

    I think all beers are out. Red wine seems to be a favourite but I'm no expert. I have the odd whisky but I think it all catches up with you the next day. If you are T1 you will be on medication so might be different for you.

  3. diabeticdancer

    Vodka and sparkling water is my choice of drink. Low cal and no carbs
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