Diabetes Type 2 Diet Plan

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Diet For Diabetics

How many times have you heard that India is the diabetes capital of the world? Over 40 million Indians have been diagnosed with diabetes and another 30 million on their way to that diagnosis. Type2 diabetes is mainly due to lifestyle excesses — over eating, over resting, over indulging. You can also add genes to this mix. If diabetes does run in your family, consider it a warning and take steps to prevent it from running amok. Sometimes, as soon as you find out that you are diabetic, those sugar cravings strike. You feel like eating every sweet in sight, every fruit in the market and every potato in the sack. Well, that’s not allowed. At least, not when you’ve first been diagnosed. Follow the diet and exercise plan given by your doctor for at least three months, which is when your next check-up will be. The first thing to do is get your weight under control. The biggest and easiest way down the ‘D’ road is via being over weight or obese, say experts from Stanford University. Sixty per cent of your fitness depends on food. Small dietary changes make a huge difference. Start by cut out those excesses like starting your day with sugar-frosted flakes in extra sweet milk. If y Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Nixo

    Chinese Food Good/Bad?

    Might be going for a Chinese but am wary.Anyone got any advice on what would be safe.Thought maybe veg.stir-fry,something like that.

  2. Tiger Lily

    watch the sauces......... take from the top of the dish so that you don't get a lot of sauces
    lemon chicken, ginger beef, sweet n sour chicken balls, tomatoes and beef all are VERY sweet sauces....... don't even try to eat from the top of the dish
    chop suey is good, egg foo yung, curried beef n brocolli, pan fried dumplings (watch the total carbs) with the vinegar sauce all seem to be ok for me
    i'm sure others will chime in with dishes that they have had success with :-)
    good luck

  3. clk

    Moo goo gai pan is also good but watch the serving size. I have a friend (no diabetes) who orders chinese broccoli rice and chicken when she goes out. If you order stir fry be sure to specify lemon juice, garlic juice, chicken or veg broth instead of a sauce. Ask them to bring a take home container with your meal.
    If serving is too big transfer extra to your take home container before you start to eat. That way you will not be tempted to eat more than is good for you.

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