Dental Treatment For Diabetic Patients

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The Diabetic Patient And Dental Treatment: An Update.

Abstract This paper has been written to both refresh and update clinicians' knowledge of diabetes. Treatment for patients with diabetes continues to develop with the majority of Type 1 diabetics now using multiple daily injections and an increasing minority using insulin pumps. Blood glucose monitoring and patient education programmes have resulted in more patient involvement in controlling this condition. Type 2 diabetics have had improvement in care provision through the development of shorter acting sulphonylureas and the potential for GLP1 injections. The impact of diabetes on both oral health and quality of life is discussed. Practical suggestions are made regarding the dental treatment of diabetic patients using both local anaesthetic and under sedation. Diabetes continues to be a fickle master for those affected by this condition. The paper is written from the perspective of the 'expert patient'. It is hoped that a greater understanding of this chronic condition will improve both access to, and safety of, dental care for those patients with diabetes. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. pedro606

    Do diabetics qualify for free or reduced cost treatment on NHS?
    It is just that I have had a letter from the dentist reminding me of the need for a check-up and to bring along proof if I qualify for free treatment etc.

  2. Talia

    Unfortunately dental treatment is not part of the free NHS treatment for diabetics (i asked at my dental surgery a couple of years ago). Free perscriptions for those on tablets or insulin and free eye tests are a good benefit tho' .

  3. pedro606

    Thanks for that. I did suspect that would be the case but just wanted to make sure.

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