Can You Eat Potatoes If You Are Diabetic?

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Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Diabetics?

Diabetics have to keep a close eye on their diets, in order to manage carbohydrates and limit their impact on blood glucose and insulin levels. That means high-carbohydrate foods can be problematic, but some, such as sweet potatoes, offer substantial nutritional benefits to offset their impact on blood sugar. Deciding how much or how often you can consume them is an individual decision, but sweet potatoes can certainly find a place in a diabetic meal plan. Carbs in Sweet Potatoes Any discussion of food and diabetes management should begin with the American Diabetes Association's recommendation, which is to count the grams of carbohydrates you eat in a day. The number of carbs you need is calculated based on your body weight and activity levels, but as a rule the ADA suggests aiming for a range of 45 to 60 grams of carbohydrates per meal, although some people may require fewer for optimal blood sugar control. By that reckoning, sweet potatoes pose a challenge: One large baked sweet potato provides over 37 grams of carbs, which represents most of your allowance for that meal. By that measure, incorporating a sweet potato can sharply limit what else goes onto your plate. It's Not as B Continue reading >>

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  1. Lucywestie

    A friend of mines son has Diabetes and as such has to travel with his meds in his carry on. They will be going to Scotland in August and Im wondering what is the best and legitimate way to keep the Insulin cool for the flights.
    I have heard of everything from bags of ice that will melt enroute to the permanent Ice packs. Just wondering what others do that travel regularly with meds that have to be kept cold. Bear in mind that they also have to keep approximately 2 weeks worth cool so that they have enough while on their holiday.

  2. emel49

    Why not ask the FA to keep it in the fridge in the galley?

  3. TravellerPlus

    I work in a hospital. The Pharmacy suppiles our insulins to the medication refrigerator, but the bottles are labelled good for 28 days when stored at room temp; the CPS agrees (even for insulin glargine [Lantus] which we used to keep cool at all times).
    Your friend should double check with her Pharmacist, but I suspect that the insulin should be fine if not kept in a fridge whilst on board the plane.

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