Can Diabetes Cause Leg Cramps

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Preventing And Treating Leg Cramps With Diabetes

For many diabetics, muscle pain is just a normal part of life. Prolonged exposure to high blood sugar levels can cause what's called diabetic neuropathy, which may result in pain, tingling, cramps or spasms in the arms, feet, legs or fingers. Treating leg cramps tends to involve treating the neuropathy while also addressing other factors that may be causing the cramps. Causes While there are several different types of neuropathies, peripheral neuropathy is what often causes leg cramps in diabetics. Potassium imbalance, which can be caused by fluctuating insulin levels and frequent urination in diabetes, can also contribute to leg cramping. Diabetics who are taking diuretics may also experience more leg cramps, as these types of drugs have been associated with muscle spasms and pain. Prevention The best way to prevent diabetic neuropathy is to manage your diabetes well and keep your blood sugar stable. If the cramps are caused by potassium imbalances, you should talk to your doctor about changing your diet to address this issue. Exercise is also important, especially stretching, while adequate hydration after long periods of physical activity will ensure your water and electrolyte b Continue reading >>

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  1. JSZ2016

    I posted on a diabetic Facebook page about this. Lots of people said they get them. They said it's due to magnesium and/or potassium levels. Anyone have this issue, if so, I need to know how many mgs to take. I posted that as a question to their reply and never got an answer. I called my family doc about it. His answer: he didn't know why I'm getting them, that maybe it's an issue with my back?!?! Please advise. Thanks.

  2. alan_s

    I feel for you.
    I've tried potassium, magnesium and other supplements over the years with little effect.
    You might find it useful to review your ordinary table salt (NaCl) intake. When I was first diagnosed I drastically reduced salt in my menu because I cut out all processed foods and did not add salt in my home cooking or at the table. Within a short time my night cramps increased dramatically in frequency and severity.
    I did not realise the link between salt and cramps until I reviewed my day's menu and discovered I was below the RDA for sodium. I returned to adding salt to my cooking and to my plate at the table. The cramps diminished in severity and frequency very quickly. If one lasts a bit too long I take a Quinine Bisulphate pill which works well for me.
    I still get them, sometimes many times a night but not every night and never as severe as in the past.

  3. morrisolder

    Alan is one of only 2 people I know who eliminated his leg cramps by deliberatiely eating more sodium
    That said, I am the other one.
    Leg cramps are generally due to a mineral insufficiency or dehydration. If you ar gettingenough water, then most likely a minera. Manganese, magnesium and potassium are the most comm on culprits. You can look up the Minimum Daily Requitements on these and supplement accordingly. Usually the one works is the one that your diet is short on.
    After I tried those 3 without success, I decided to blame my statin medications. People report "muscle pain" as a sometimes side effect of statins. But stopping them, or swithcing from water-soluble statins to fat-soluble statins, made little difference for me. And 2 or 3 times was sometimes a good night!
    I was hiking with a doctor who told me that the kind of muscle pain typically caused by statins is more of a constant soreness rather thana sharp pain. It has to be a mineral, he told me, and when I dexcribed what I had tried, he suggested sodium,. Since ou rmodern diet is notoriously way overboard on sodium, it had not occurred to me, but yes, 70% of the sodium in the American diet is form processed foods, and I was not eating very many of those. When I triedeating salty crackers when I got my first cramp of the night, I was delighted to find that that was also the last cramp of the inight.
    A coupld of years I discovered V8 juice. It comes in 5.5 oz cans, which seem to have the right aount of sodium in them. I try and have one every week or so, or if I forget, whevever I get a leg cramp. Works like a charm, and much lower carb than crackers. Make sure you don't buy, for obvious reasons, the low sodium version as I once did by mistake. I had to go back and trade them info the right ones...
    Although that worked for me, and Alan also, try the other obvious causes as well. Youmight even check out the V8, which also is relatively high in potassium.

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