Will Stopping Statins Reverse Diabetes

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Suffering On Statins? Stop Taking Them Now: Cholesterol-busting Medicines May Be Causing More Harm That Good

Cholesterol-controller may be bad for your heart, expert claims When one of my patients – let’s call him John – recently returned to me with disabling chest pains a year after heart surgery, we both feared the worst. But after numerous investigations found nothing untoward, we recognised the real problem: his statins. So I told him to try going without them for two weeks. These drugs, taken by eight million Britons, are routinely prescribed to anyone who suffers a heart attack as they lower the likelihood of a second attack. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, which reduces the risk of a clot forming in the heart arteries. Statins are also regularly prescribed by GPs to many more patients to lower the levels of cholesterol in their blood, in the hope that it will prevent a heart attack from happening in the first place. They are the most commonly prescribed drug in Britain, with more than 55 million statin prescriptions dispensed last year. John returned and he was elated. For the first time in months his chest pains had gone. But he now had a new concern: his GP had since told him: ‘You must never stop your statin!’ He was confused. But I was steadfast: he shouldn’t Continue reading >>

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  1. auntistatin

    If statins raise blood sugar will it go back to normal once you stop statins?

    after taking statins for years i was told i had type 2 diabetes... if it is due to statins raising my blood sugar ... will it go back to normal once i stop the statins
    i stopped taking them a year ago... my blood sugar levels are usually between 5.7 and 6.7 not on any medication

  2. AN

    Ok, have you discussed this with your doctor at all? Statins can cause muscle damage, but I'm not positive about glucose rates. Yours arenot that bad in my opinion. I am not a medical professional, but my husband has type 2 diabetes . He takes statins too, & I can't convice him to stop taking them even with all the warnings out about them. I think if you have more questions, you should direct them to your doctor. Some drugs do raise glucose levels there is no doubt. My husband also takes Wellbutrin for depression, & many of those type of meds raise glucose levels I know.Statins as you know are used for high cholesterol & are given to people who are at risk of getting heart disease or stroke. New warnings have recently come out against using statins on certain individuals, & over 40mg a day. I will give you the link to read about it & also it will give you links to go further with side effects etc... Hope this helps... Mary

  3. AN

    You wil note in the link I gave you that statins are given to people at risk of getting diabetes from high cholesterol, high blood pressure, & heart disease. It did also state if you have a low thyroid you should not be on statins... Mary

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