Why Is Blood Sugar High After Surgery

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High Blood Sugar Can Increase Post-surgery Wound Complications

High blood glucose levels can lead to wound infection. Diabetes is a disease that can not only lead to serious issues like amputation, but can also affect the way your body handles the wound healing process. Researchers have recently analyzed how maintaining a high blood sugar level could eventually lead to an increase in wound complications after undergoing a surgical procedure. Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons analyzed the rates of 79 patients who had endured wound-related complications after receiving surgery to close up chronic wounds. The doctors measured the blood glucose levels of the patients five days leading up to the medical procedure as well as five days after, and extensively tested the subjects for measurements of hemoglobin A1c, which is a primary indicator of long-term diabetes control in the body. High levels of blood glucose as well as diabetes control are the main risk factors that can influence an occurrence of wound infection, additional surgery and wound dehiscence, which is when a wound is re-opened after already receiving surgery to close it. Blood glucose levels that are considered higher than average are measured at 200 milligrams per de Continue reading >>

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  1. butterflyness

    Ok so my surgery is august 9th and i'm type 1 diabetic. Did anyones body say screw you after having rny surgery? I had a breast reduction 2 years ago, and after i came out of anesthesia my sugar was completely high. I kept trying to tell the dr's and nurses my body was in shock mode and extremely stressed from the surgery so no matter what they did the sugars wouldnt go down. They decided to give me 15 units of novolog every 15 minutes, yet they continued to rise almost to the 500's. Why they wouldnt listen to me i dont know. S my question is, did anyone else experience this cause i'm almost sure it will happen again after surgery because my body is defiant like that.

  2. wife2denizmoi

    Hi, I just had RNY on 6/7. My blood sugars went up a little, but then came right back to normal if not low shortly there after. I think once things calmed down and the anesthesia left my body, all returned to normal. In fact it got too low one night and they had to give me dextrose through the IV. I am still fighting off the effects of that. I guess I was allergic to the dextrose or whatever it was combined with and it caused my hand and arm to swell and burn and feel hot. Benadryl is the only thing helping! Good luck with your surgery. It really is amazing. I went from basal rate insulin of about 52 units, down to 19 units. Its truly a life-saving surgery.

  3. vkhill22

    I too am type 1. My blood sugars after surgery were high, but that's normal because our bodies ARE in shock after surgery. I have the insulin pump(which saved my life) and adjusted my own insulin in the hospital. I did it slowly so I wouldn't go to low. Before I left the hospital, they were normal. Try not to worry(I know I did), this surgery is the best thing that I've ever did for my self. I used to take over 50 units of insulin each day. Now I take only 25! I'm only 2 weeks out so I'm hoping that goes down even more. I feel great! It has been a rollercoaster but it will be worth it!! Good Luck!!

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