Why Is Blood Sugar High After Surgery

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A New Way To Reduce Surgery Complications Stemming From High Blood Sugar

Using a different marker to track a patient’s glycemic levels could help improve outcomes after surgery for diabetic and non-diabetic patients alike PHILADELPHIA (November 16, 2017) – Researchers identified a new way to lower the risk of complications after joint surgery, using a simple blood test. Patients with diabetes are more likely to need joint replacement surgery but also have a greater risk of serious complications after surgery, including heart attack, stroke, and wound infections, because of their underlying diabetes. Current guidelines suggest testing diabetic patients for stable glucose control prior to surgery, but the recommended blood test or marker is slow to detect change, and does not correlate well with risk of surgical complications. Now, Thomas Jefferson University researchers have found that a different blood-sugar marker is able to predict patients – both diabetic and non-diabetic –with highest risk of complications more accurately, and detect changes in glucose control much faster, which could potentially change clinical practice. “This study gives us a better method for identifying patients who need intervention prior to surgery. It could be immen Continue reading >>

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  1. harleyquinn1330

    Crazy blood sugar after surgery

    Hey everyone last Saturday I had a Salpingectomy done....it was a laparoscopic surgery and I’m definitely still recovering. The nurses told my husband my blood sugar would be high after surgery - which it was...the next day it seemed to normalize....but ever since then I’ve gotten random spikes for no reason....I had to stop exercising until my dr clears me, so my fasting blood sugar is higher than normal which I hope will resolve itself once I start exercising again...but the random spikes throughout the day concern me.....can anyone tell me if this is normal during recovery?
    Also I’ve noticed higher blood sugar after eating low carb meals....last night’s dinner was egg roll in a bowl which I’ve eaten a million times and it was 156 an hour after eating...normally it’s 100-110 an hour after that same meal
    I’m only on metformin - no insulin and I had my A1c down to 5.3....this is definitely going to throw it off if I can’t figure out how to get it back under control
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  2. Nan OH

    It is very normal after surgery or trauma. In my opinion, nothing to worry about. We all react differently to anesthetic. It takes some time for it to clear from your system and return to normal.
    On a personal note; I'd love to see a 156 at any time through the day.

  3. furball64801

    It took me weeks, I am not going to say a 156 is not high but to me even on low carb food I see high readings. It took me two weeks after surgery for my numbers to come down and only insulin works orals do absolutely nothing for me.

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