Which Foods Contain The Most Glucose?

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Iodine and Starch Experiment | Iodine Experiment | Starch Experiment | Science experiments for kids Simple and easy experiment to demonstrate the iodine with starch reaction! For this test you will need: Two test tubes Soluble starch powder Iodine solution Water Dropper Procedure: Put some starch powder into a test tube and fill the test tube with water. Mix the starch in the test tube well until the starch dissolves in the water. Fill the other test tube with normal water. Place both the test tubes in a test tube stand. Using a dropper take iodine solution. Put some drops in each test tube. Observe that the test tube with starch solution turns to purple black color. The other test tube with normal water retains the color of iodine i.e orange or yellow. Explanation: Starch is a mixture of amylose and amylopectin, which are different forms of glucose/starch. Amylose in starch is responsible for the formation of a deep blue black color. Amylase is long polymer chains of glucose units connected by an alpha acetal linkage and looks much like a coiled spring. However iodine is a potassium iodide reagent and it is not very soluble in water. So, iodine is prepared by dissolving it in water in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide. This results in a linear tri-iodide ion (I3) complex in iodine which is soluble. This tri-iodide ion (I3) slips into the coil of the starch causing an intense or deep blue-black color.

Low Blood Sugar Glucose Experiment

Home / Education /Low Blood Sugar Glucose Experiment In this fun glucose experiment, were going to test a variety of foods and drinks to determine which contain the most glucose. People with diabetes may find this information useful, so they know which foods are best to eat when they have symptoms of low blood sugar. Here are the questions we want to answer today: Which foods contain the most glucose? Which foods are best for a diabetic to eat or drink when their blood sugar is too low? When diabetics have symptoms of low blood sugar, theyre supposed to eat something high in glucose immediately. Lets start experimenting to figure out the right answer. A scale (for example, a triple beam balance) Choose 8 different foods and drinks to test for glucose. For example, you might choose orange juice, lemon juice, an apple, honey, a tomato, soda, ketchup, and sugar water. These are just examples choose whatever items you already have around the house! Using a scale or triple beam balance, measure 5 grams of each food or drink you have selected. Make a hypothesis about which foods you think will be highest in glucose and which will contain the least amount of glucose, and record in your l Continue reading >>

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  1. owm69

    Normal Blood Sugar Levels

    My husband I don't think is a diabetic. Because when we test his blood, it is on average 155 or below.
    Is this normal?
    Is this on the edge of being diabetic, or is this a diabetic?
    I am confused about this. Please help.

  2. Annie1949

    Your husband needs to see his doctor,I just know that my blood sugar stays in the 90's and always below 114,but I do not take pills or insulin,but maintain it with my diet and exercise.And I have myself on a very strict diet,I no longer have sleep apnea,my blood pressure is normal,but I feel 100% better.I just eat healthy.

  3. JSJB

    My doctor told me 135 is considered pre diabetes

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A Day in the Life of a Sugar Enthusiast We are faced with choices every day- one of those being whether to eat foods with added sugars or naturally occurring sugars. This video explains the major differences between these two types of sugars and follows someone throughout their day as they are faced with the choice of going above or staying below the recommended limit for added sugars. Even if you dont have a sweet tooth, it is hard to avoid eating large amounts of added sugar each day. Watch this video to learn the recommended limit for added sugars, and how to make choices in order to stay within these limits! Infographic: http://fcs.tamu.edu/files/2015/07/add... Online Class: Nutrition Essentials: #2 Carbohydrates https://extensiononline.tamu.edu/cour...

The Glycaemic Index Of Foods Containing Sugars: Comparison Of Foods With Naturally-occurring V. Added Sugars.

The glycaemic index of foods containing sugars: comparison of foods with naturally-occurring v. added sugars. Department of Biochemistry, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. The primary aim of the present study was to expand the glycaemic index (GI) database by determining the GI and insulin index values of thirty-nine foods containing sugars in healthy adults. The second aim was to examine the hypothesis that glycaemic and insulin responses to foods which contain added sugar(s) are higher than responses to foods containing naturally-occurring sugars. Eight healthy subjects drawn from a pool of eighteen consumed 50 g carbohydrate portions (except 25 g carbohydrate portions for fruits) of the test foods. The GI and insulin index were determined according to standardized methodology and expressed on a scale on which glucose = 100. The median GI and insulin index values of all foods tested were 56 (range 14 to 80) and 56 (range 24 to 124) respectively. The median GI of the foods containing added sugars was similar to that of foods containing naturally-occurring sugars (58 v. 53 respectively, P = 0.08). Likewise, the median insulin index of the foods containing added sugars was not Continue reading >>

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  1. dagger1234

    How to convert avg blood to a1c?

    So I looked at my bayer USB glouclose meter and seen that My average blood sugar for the past 2 months more or less is 90. How do I find out what my a1c # might be? Next month, I will find it out; I just wanna know a general a1c score but I can't find anything online to help?

  2. chanchal

    If you have a iPhone please dl the app called A1cConverter. A simple and free app - great App!!!

  3. dagger1234

    Nice! I do have an iPhone and I'll check it out now!

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High-sucrose Foods | Healthy Eating | Sf Gate

Dried dates are naturally high in sucrose sugar. Sucrose is a type of carbohydrate called a disaccharide, because its made from two simple sugars. Sucrose is quickly metabolized in your intestines and absorbed into your blood, where it stimulates the release of insulin. Consuming too much sucrose is a risk factor for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Sucrose is found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, but usually in small amounts. As refined table sugar, sucrose is a major ingredient in many baked goods and processed foods. Sucrose is made from one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose. Sucrase -- an intestinal enzyme -- cleaves sucrose in half so it can be absorbed. Sucrose tastes sweet -- which is why its made into granulated and baking sugars -- but not as sweet as refined fructose or artificial sweeteners. On the other hand, sucrose has a moderately high glycemic index, which is a measure of a carbohydrate food's effect on blood sugar levels compared to glucose. More specifically, sucrose has an index value of 65, which is higher than natural honey and unrefined fructose -- also known as fruit sugar. A glycemic index rating between 70 and 100 is c Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. mac2309

    Hi Peejoo,
    No need to worry about GD. I am 31 weeks pregnant now and the same thing happened with me and like you I will blame chocolates and biscuits as I used to have one bournville and one packet of dark fantasy biscuit every day... lol.
    But do not worry as it is very easy to control GD by making some changes in your diet. Sugar level is normally high in the morning so I would recommend that you to go for protein diet in the morning and would recommend you to break your 3 time meal into 6 small meals. Like if you take 2 chapatis at a time, divide into 2 small meals and have one chapati at a time and then the other after an hour.
    Also I would recommend you to have atleast 15 mins walk after you take lunch.
    I have got GD with cholestasis so I am strictly on no sugar and no oil diet. My morning starts with 15-20 mins walk. Then I take a big glass of lassi with protinex and then after 1-2 hrs, I take one chapati with boiled vegetable.
    For lunch, I eat chapati with curd/boiled vegetable and dal.
    Then in the evening, I eat roasted namkeen, marie biscuits and a fruit like apple or pear but not all together :))
    In dinner, I normally have curd with cornflakes or oat. Sometimes chapati with veg.
    I would also recommend you to buy a blood sugar testing machine. I used to monitor my sugar before breakfast and 2 hours after breakfast/lunch/dinner.
    My fasting level is 66 and after breakfast is 116 now. My doctor told me that I won't need insulin if I can control my diet and do a walk for 15 mins after every meal.
    I hope I did not bore you with my big comment. Best wishes for your pregnancy :)

  2. Peejoo

    Thanks so much. I met the gynec today and need to meet the endocrinologist tomorrow. Gynec thinks i may be put on insulin. Am teriffied of it. Do you know anything about that? Or any side effects it may cause?

  3. mac2309

    I was terrified as well but my gynae told me that there is no harm in taking insulin and it is stopped as soon as the baby is delivered :) so if required go for it because insulin is always a better option then taking medicines.

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