Where To Buy Glucose Syrup

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Where To Buy Liquid Glucose (glucose Syrup)?

Where to buy liquid glucose (glucose syrup)? Where to buy liquid glucose (glucose syrup)? I'm not sure what liquid glucose is (I've never even heard of it), but I need it for a recipe. Do you know where I can purchase this? Any information would be really appreciated. Thanks very much! Want to stay up to date with this post? Sign Up Now Chef/Owners Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski visit one of San Franciscos most celebrated dim sum houses to discuss the inspiration for their popular restaurant State Bird Provisions. We go behind the scenes at the Varsity, one of the oldest and biggest drive-ins in the country. Read more . Acclaimed Chefs Joanne Chang and Karen Akunowicz meet rising-star Brian Moy for a tour of his restaurants, to trace the evolution of this iconic neighborhood. The taste of Malort has been described as baby aspirin wrapped in grapefruit peel, bound with rubber bands and soaked in well gin - so why do Chicagoans claim to love it? Read more . Speakeasies are all the rage, but few can claim to be as storied as New York Citys Back Room. Read more . Continue reading >>

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  1. JV

    I'm confused. At my yearly appt, my fasting glucose was 130. Last year it was 125. So my Dr has prescribed med, given me a blood tester and set me up with a dietitian. I've checked my blood for 3 mornings and the highest it's been is 109. After meals it's 135. From what I read, those are pretty normal levels. Do I really have a pre diabetes?

  2. mollythed

    Yes, the fasting glucose numbers do show diabetes. As a matter of fact, if last year's number had been just one point higher, at 126, your doctor would be saying you had full-blown diabetes. It really doesn't take too much thought, or too much careful watching of what we eat when we first begin to show signs of diabetes to bring our numbers back down to the normal range.
    If you didn't have prediabetes, your numbers would be down below 100 first thing in the morning, and down much closer to 100 a couple hours after a meal.
    There is a gradual increase in the damage we are doing to ourselves when blood glucose levels begin to rise.The kind of damage to blood vessel, and the damage that is done to nerves when blood vessels are starting to fail, begins to show up before we are diagnosed with diabetes. It even gradually begins before prediabetes. Our goal shouldn't be just to keep blood glucose low enough to scrape by some arbitrary point that describes diabetes or prediabetes, but to keep blood glucose levels consistently down in the normal range, or as close as we can, no matter where we start out,. That gives us the best results in the long run.

  3. JV

    Thank you so much for the explanation. There's so much to learn but I'm going to do my best to be healthy.

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