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  1. PK

    Please answer the questions I have asked so that I can then diagnose your problem in accordance with the same.Thank you.

  2. PK

    Since when do you have this dry mouth ?
    Do you have any other complaints apart from the dry mouth ?
    Are you on any medication ?
    Do you smoke or chew tobacco?
    Are you suffering from any medical condition ?
    Thank you.

  3. PK

    Thank you for the answers.
    There are few conditions that can lead to this in a case like yours.There could be a problem with your salivary glands due to which there is in adequate production of saliva.There are other medical conditions that can cause this as well but you do not have any other symptoms so those conditions are ruled out.You should get an imaging test of your salivary glands in order to diagnose any problem within them . A sialography and also an ultrasound are important imaging modalities that will help a case like yours.Breathing with the mouth open also leads to dry mouth.There are a few measures that can be taken in order to give relief.You should avoid caffeine.Try over the counter saliva substitutes like biotene oral balance.These can be tried till the cause of your dry mouth is determined.I request you to refer to the link below as not only does it substantiate my statements but also gives a detailed account of the same.I request you to click on the green accept button if this answers you as it is only then that will I be credited for my work.Thank you.

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