What Should Blood Sugar Be At Bedtime

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How To Lower Morning Blood Sugar

It seems strange to be able to keep blood sugar levels in control throughout the day and have morning blood sugar high, right? I mean, it doesn't seem logical. After all, you haven't eaten anything so it should be lower shouldn't it? It's a common assumption and it would seem logical, but it is common for people with type 2 diabetes to have high blood sugar in the morning. Why? Because your body continues to produce glucose even when you don't eat. It's called gluconeogenesis. This is a natural process for all of us. But in diabetes many people have increased gluconeogensis. Another reason is that cortisol (our stress hormone) is the hormone that slowly increases in levels from around 3 am onwards to reach it’s peak early in the morning. Cortisol has a direct influence on blood sugar levels too – elevating them. Still, there are practical things you can do to lower morning blood sugar levels, here's how… How to Lower Morning Blood Sugar Lowering morning highs has a lot to do with your overall health, diet, and lifestyle and usually incorporates a number of different factors. Put some of the following things into practice, give it some time, and no doubt you will start seeing Continue reading >>

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  1. Young1s

    Is There An Ideal Bedtime BG For You?

    I've been struggling with finding what my ideal bedtime BG should be in order to have an acceptable fasting number within range; with no great success. My numbers are all over the place and it'is frustrating me to no end.
    Here's a few examples:
    Bedtime: 116 Fasting: 148
    Bedtime: 145 Fasting: 115
    Bedtime: 119 Fasting: 137
    Bedtime: 97 Fasting: 147
    Bedtime: 166 Fasting: 134
    I'm aware that some of it has to do with liver dumping but at what point is the thing that's eluding me. And I'll admit that the "snack monster" can be one of my great nighttime demons, sometimes, but I never over do it and it's always a healthy snack.
    So I'm wondering if you've been able to find the balance and how did you do it? I know that because we're all different what works for you may not necessarily work for me but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  2. berrykins0

    me between 80 to 100. and moring the same my ac1 is 5.1 currently still taking 1 metformin in the moring.i count calories and carbs according my meal plan

  3. jayabee52

    Wow your BGs are essentially flatlined through your fasting nightime hrs?

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