What Should Blood Sugar Be At Bedtime

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The Bedtime Snack Unraveled

Despite what you may have heard, it is not only “okay,” but actually VERY IMPORTANT to eat a bedtime snack! The common response to this is, “But I thought we weren’t supposed to eat after (insert time here)?” Let’s unravel this myth, by looking at the following three arguments: 1) Bedtime snacks provide unnecessary calories. If it were all about calories, then this argument may be legit, but…it’s not. So much more goes into metabolism than just calories; food quality and the type of macronutrients (P, F and C) consumed, timing of when you’re eating, hormone regulation, sleep, and the list goes on! The reason it’s important to eat a bedtime snack is because, in order to support your metabolism and therefore maintain your weight/promote weight loss, you need stable blood sugar levels. The reasoning for the combination of carbohydrate and fat before bed is because the carbs bring your blood sugar levels back up slightly (they’ve been falling since dinner or the time you last ate) and the fat slows the assimilation of the carbs into your blood stream, promoting nice stable blood sugar levels all night long. When blood sugar levels are stable, your fat BURNING horm Continue reading >>

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  1. LauraC27

    What should my BG level be before going to bed? I usually make sure it's 8...
    But i don't know who told me that was a good number.. or where i got that information from thinking about it! haha... is it correct?

  2. YorkshireAli

    I've never been told an exact figure, but through trial and error, I've found that I need to be around the 9-10 mark, as I usually seem to drop about 4 or 5 overnight.

  3. chris.k

    Mine are usually about 6.5-7 and I wake up at about 5.5-6.5
    I think it depends on ur background insulin dose, absorption rate and whether u have done much exercise before bed

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