What Should A Diabetic Eat Before Bedtime

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Impact Of Bedtime Snack Composition On Prevention Of Nocturnal Hypoglycemia In Adults With Type 1 Diabetes Undergoing Intensive Insulin Management Using Lispro Insulin Before Meals

OBJECTIVE—To determine the impact of four bedtime (HS) snack compositions on nocturnal glycemic control, including frequency of hypoglycemia (<4 mmol/l) and morning hyperglycemia (>10 mmol/l), in adults with type 1 diabetes using lispro insulin before meals and NPH insulin at bedtime. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS—Substitutions of 15 g carbohydrate (one starch exchange) for an equivalent amount of uncooked cornstarch or pure protein were compared to a standard snack (control: two starch + one protein exchange) and to no snack (placebo) in 15 adults using a randomized, cross-over design. All snacks were equivalent in kcal, fat, and total available glucose. An intravenous facilitated hourly blood glucose sampling during the night (11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.). RESULTS—The glycemic level at bedtime (<7, 7–10, and >10 mmol/l) mediated the effects observed. A total of 14 hypoglycemic episodes, in 60% of patients, and 23 morning hyperglycemic episodes occurred over 50 nights. Most hypoglycemic episodes (10 of 14, 71%) occurred with no snack compared to any snack (P < 0.001) and at HS levels of <7 mmol/l (P = 0.05). The standard and protein snacks resulted in no nocturnal hypoglycemia a Continue reading >>

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  1. BeatO

    However, diabetes management can be made simpler with BeatO. BeatO is a diabetes management organisation who proactively monitor your sugar readings and suggest lifestyle changes to bring the sugar levels in control.

  2. Eric Smith

    Diabetes Mellitus Can Be Treated Naturally at Home. Here is a list of Few Home Remedies which helps you a lot.

  3. Zake Shinoda

    Diabetes is a Chronic disease,mostly affecting the well to do society.
    Initial interventions and preventing disease progression is the 2nd best time to avoid any complications(Obviously the best time being controlling the risk factors and preventing the start of it)
    Diet(Including low Glycemic index food,boiled salads,avoiding rice, sugar sweets,Tea,potatoes,milk,or atleast keeping them at minimum) and lifestyle modifications like regular exercise,avoiding sedentary lifestyle,cessation of smoking and alcohol are the recommended initial steps to follow.

    Following a regular schedule and normal circadian rhythm(Sleep wake cycle) ,getting adequate sleep may act as a booster and make you feel refreshed while working on your diet control and exercise.

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