What Is The Average Sugar Level

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Blood Glucose Control (blood Sugar Levels)

Introduction to blood sugar levels Our blood glucose level, or blood sugar level, is the amount of glucose (sugar) in the blood. The amount of glucose in the blood is measured in millimoles per litre (mmol/l). Glucose levels are measured most commonly to diagnose or to monitor diabetes. It is also important to keep an eye on blood glucose levels during certain situations – for example: during pregnancy, pancreatitis and with increasing age. Normally, blood sugar levels stay within a narrow range during the day. A good level is between 4 to 8mmol/l. After you consume food, your blood sugar level will rise and after you have had a night’s rest, they will usually be lowest in the morning. Diabetes is a common disease in our society, affecting 2-5% of the general population, with many more people unaware that they may be affected by this condition. Diabetes results from a lack of insulin, or insensitivity of the body towards the level of insulin present. Thus if you have diabetes, your blood sugar level may move outside the normal limits. Why is controlling blood sugar levels so important? Carbohydrate foods are the body’s main energy source. When they are digested, they break do Continue reading >>

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  1. dagger1234

    How to convert avg blood to a1c?

    So I looked at my bayer USB glouclose meter and seen that My average blood sugar for the past 2 months more or less is 90. How do I find out what my a1c # might be? Next month, I will find it out; I just wanna know a general a1c score but I can't find anything online to help?

  2. chanchal

    If you have a iPhone please dl the app called A1cConverter. A simple and free app - great App!!!

  3. dagger1234

    Nice! I do have an iPhone and I'll check it out now!

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